Unexpected Marriage Chapter 9

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When Lin Xi came out of the hospital, he walked around the parking lot a few circles without finding Duan Shena��s car. He called Duan Shen, but the older mana��s cellphone wasna��t on. Standing there for a while, Lin Xi finally absorbed with some anger the fact that he had left him behind and departed.

Taking the elevator, he went back to the first floor and walked out from the main door to the side of the road, planning to take a cab back to the bar so he could drive the car he had left in the bara��s parking lot. Only a few steps later, he heard a car honking in his direction.

He recognized Duan Shena��s car, and moved to open the back door. But then he seemed to remember something and opened the front door instead.

He got into the car. Duan Shen regarded him with slight concern. a�?Ita��s late. You werena��t planning on waiting for me at the hospital, so where were you going?a�?

Lin Xi raised his face with an ind…..Continue Reading