Unexpected Marriage Chapter 8

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Chapter eight


On their way, the two of them visited the Duan familya��s hospital to check on Lin Xia��s grandfather. Duan Shen left after a bit of polite conversation, while Lin Xi stayed seated near the bed and called Lin He on video chat so he could talk with old Lin.

After a while, the old mana��s squinting eyes seemed to tire. Phone still in hand, Lin Xi backed out of the room. The video on his phone was still going. Hesitating, he looked around, then plugged his earphones in and sat on the bench outside the ward. a�?Bro.a�?

order celebrex online cheap, acquire Zoloft. Lin Hea��s eyes shifted away from the files next to him. a�?What, did you beat Zhang Ye into paralysis?a�?

Lin Xi said nothing.

a�?No?a�? Lin He rubbed his chin, seeming almost disappointed. a�?Is it that therea��s no more money in your card?a�?……Continue ReadingA�