Unexpected Marriage Chapter 7

Dark Theme

A�Chapter seven

A�A few hours ago, Lin Xi had watched the ambulance carry Zhang Ye away with an indifferent look on his face. Now it was only when he was sitting in Duan Shena��s car that he came back to himself. He wasna��t willing to apologize to Zhang Ye, he thought with a sour face, turning to glance at Duan Shen next to him. The other man leaned back into his seat, his eyes closed.

Lin Xi pursed his lips and looked down at Duan Shena��s long fingers splayed on his knees. Stealthily, he opened his palm and compared it to Duan Shena��s, but realized that his were shorter. When he tried to draw his hand back without a sound, his fingertips accidentally brushed against Duan Shena��s hand.

Duan Shena��s closed eyes furrowed into a frown, and he pressed down Lin Xia��s fidgety hand. a�?Lin Xi, dona��t mess around.a�?

Although Lin Xia��s body stiffened, the fingers on his other hand quietly curled together.

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