Unexpected Marriage Chapter 6

Dark Theme

Chapter six

Night fell slowly. Lin Xi checked his phone for the time and prepared to start heading back. Lu Lingxing, who was mixing a cocktail behind the bar, leaned closer, a�?Mr. Lin, you dona��t want a drink before you go?a�?

a�?No, not at all,a�? Frowning, Lin Xi pushed him away, a�?Dona��t get so close to me. Ia��ll smell like alcohol.a�?

Lu Lingxinga��s eyebrows shot up. a�?Has your brother changed recently? He seems to be a lot stricter on you than usual.a�?

Lin Xi eyed him and was just about to speak when a burst of noise came from the door. Young Sir Zhang walked into the bar with three men in tow, looking displeased. When his eyes fell on Lin Xi and his friends, he clicked his tongue, a�?Well, well. I was wondering who would book the venue during the daytime. So it was you.a�?

cheap periactin online, dapoxetine reviews. Even rich young men had their own social circles. Lin Xia��s friends had never gotten along with Zhang Yea��s. With a cold chuckle, Lin Xi raised his voice. a�?I didna��t know that my venue…..Continue Reading Chapter