Unexpected Marriage Chapter 5

Dark Theme

Chapter five

At night, Duan Shen held a video conference in his study. Huddling on the desk next to him, Lin Xi copied from the book. With each line, his face kept drooping over the page. Without even shifting his gaze, Duan Shen issued his order.

a�?Lift your head. Do you want to go blind?a�?

His hand gripping the edge of the desk, Lin Xi sat up again, just in time to hear someone speak over the laptop speaker. a�?Mr. Duan, are you watching your kid do homework?a�?

Duan Shen responded, his face impassive. a�?My kid wona��t listen to me. Ia��m making him copy lines.a�?

Whoever was taking seemed very surprised. a�?Mr. Duan, do you already have kids?a�?

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