TOTY V1 Chapter 6: Soy Sauce and Vinegar

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The Taming of the Yandere

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My room was silent, and my bed was comfy. But my mind was a shitstorm.


I tossed and turned, but I couldna��t fall asleep.


My head was filled with the girla��s expression. Who wouldna��t worry after something like that?


a�?Was her name Jiang Muqing?a�?


My brain couldna��t stop spinning.




From a young age, Ia��ve always been a pessimist.


It didna��t matter what was happening; I always thought in the wrong direction.


But I dona��t think this is a weakness.


If I prepare for the worst, I would never be disappointed. I wona��t be discouraged from trying harder, and my results would never be in my expectations.


In elementary school *, my teacher asked us to form sentences using a�?flowersa�?, a�?birdsa�?, a�?grassa�?, and a�?dogsa�?.


*also known as primary school. Grades 1-6.


My classmates excitedly made the most jovial sentences they could think of.


a�?The flowers bloomed pleasantly.a�?


a�?The grass sprouted fervently.a�?


a�?The birds chirped happily.a�?


a�?The dogs rolled in delight.a�?


I, a little kid, scrunched my eyebrows, and thought deeply. I remembered the scientific documentaries I watched on television, and how everything eventually comes down to a gloomy end.


So I lifted my pen, and wrote:


a�?The flowers died, the grass died, the birds died, and the little dogs died too.a�?


That was how depressing I was. In my little heart, I had already discerned a blurred truth of the real world.


However, I received an even more depressing response from the teacher:


a�?Lu Fan, dona��t cheat on your classwork! Redo your classwork!a�?


Hmph, ridiculous humans.


I thought as I wrote new a�?lifelikea�? and a�?cheerfula�? sentences.




My real name is Lu Fan, and not the girla��s a�?Fan Lua�?.


What kind of parents would name their boy such a feminine name?


a�?Lua�? * is the ancient term for jade. In modern times, it would only serve to describe beautiful women.


*Another Chinese lesson for you readers: As you probably already know, Chinese words can sound the same phonetically, but mean completely different things. Our Lu Fana��s name is written as a�?e��a�?a�?. The fake name he gave to the police was Fan Lu, as he wrote, a�???Sc�?a�?. Completely different meanings, completely identical sounds. The feminine a�?Lua�? he refers to is c�?.


It was only a month ago when I saved that girl from 16 floors high. To satisfy the authorities, I flipped my name backwards for them to record.


I couldna��t imagine how I was still found. For me, it was a surreal experience.


Everything started flowing back into my minda��.


a�?I never thought I would see you here. Ita��s a strange coincidence that we attend the same high school.a�? I tilted my head, and smiled halfheartedly at the intoxicated girl.


The girl looked at me, but didna��t talk. She just gazed at me silently.


a�?Is there something on my face?a�?


I wondered aloud, and wiped the sweat on my cheek.


The girl shook her head with a light smile.


a�?Are you alright now? Your friends and family musta��ve talked with you.a�?


My hair stood on end as she kept on staring. My face was frozen in an expression of assurance.


I was not familiar at all towards these types of situations.


a�?Ita��s not because of them.a�?


As soon as I mentioned family, the girla��s smile vanished, replaced with a cold, indifferent glare.


Her state right now….


Is it because of shea��s confused of what I said that time?


After all, she said all that to a complete stranger. If she truly believed it, it would be a dire situationa��.


I realized she was getting a little unhappy.


a�?Dona��t worry about that! What I said that day, was completely insane! I wona��t tell anyone, Ia��ve long since forgotten it!a�?


I said in a light fashion, trying to distract her.


But when I said those words, the girla��s cheerful smile disappeared.




She seemed to collect her thoughts, and paused for a few moments. She asked,


a�?Do you care about me?a�?


a�?These types of things, should really be handled by friends and family. Wea��ve only met once, after all.a�?


I was a little uncomfortable.


a�?Do you like me?a�?


She asked.


a�?You know, what happened a month ago should really be treated of as a random encounter. Even if therea��s some slight, favorable emotions, it shouldna��t be thought of as like like.a�?


I felt that some awkwardness was starting to grow upon us.


a�?Do you love me?a�?


Her tone became heavy.


a�?As relatives have blood-bonds, and lovers have soul-bonds, we both still are strangers to each other. To you, I should be no more than a good Samaritan.a�?


I smiled, trying to make the atmosphere less awkward.


The shoujo bit her lip tightly. In such a lively summer afternoon, her face staled like a wilted flower.


She ground her teeth angrily. Her legs started to shake.


a�?Would you be my boyfriend?a�?


The girla��s voice lowered even deeper. Her eyes started to tear up, and grow red around the rims.


a�?For high school students, academics should be the first priority. Is there truly a reason for romance at this point in our lives? Besides wasting precious study time, ita��s does nothing to us at all. Classmate, as the model student, you should know this better than anyone else.a�?


I didna��t understand. Why would such words come from her lips?


A shining tear dropped from the edge of her eye. It streaked across her cheek, and dripped down her neck.


I was taken back.


She was crying?!


Why would she do that?


What did I do wrong?


a�?Why did you promise me, then?a�?


She looked at me with bloodshot eyes, demanding hysterically.


a�?It was just to calm you down. Dona��t worry about it, I wona��t say a word to anyone. Please dona��t be like this.a�?


The girla��s ear-splitting shrieks attracted the attention of nearby students. Some people already started walking curiously in our direction. No matter who was right or wrong, the crime of making a girl cry will definitely be placed on my shoulders.


a�?Classmate, are you alright?a�?


I reached over, wanting to comfort her somehow.


a�?Fan Lu, why did you even say those words? I clearly alreadya��.a�?


a�?I was too naivea��. Ia��. Clearly dona��t have any hope left for this worlda��.a�?


She angrily slapped my hand away.


a�?If someone was in danger, anyone would offer a helping hand. It doesna��t matter if their name is Fan Lu, or Lu Fan.a�? I heightened my voice, looking at her earnestly.


No matter what, I did a good deed, didna��t I?


I wouldna��t have minded if she didna��t thank me. But why would she be like this towards me?


I was utterly baffled.


a�?Lu Fan? No wonder, I couldna��t find you for agesa��. Liar…. Even your namea��.a�?


She muttered to herself with empty eyes. Compared to the gentle, confident student she was on stage, this was like a completely different person.




Her words only worsened my ailing brain.


a�?Go away!a�?


She pushed me back, and ran like a madman. She ran headfirst into a glass door, and kept sprinting through the campus.


I was left alone, scratching my head in confusion.


Afterwards, I warily checked her background.


Jiang Muqing.


Not too long ago, she was the #1 at our rival school: Shier High.


Shier Higha��s conditions paled in comparison to ours, Shiyi High. However, they had the most threatening weapon against our exam scores- Jiang Muqing.


Her grades were excellent, catching the attention of my Shiyi High, the best in the state.


From elementary to high school, she was permanently #1, winning various nation-wide competitions, receiving countless prizes.


Her downfall was at the middle school final exams, where her scores suddenly dropped to the bare minimum of Shier High, and had no choice but to enter it.


In high school, however, she was still scored at the top.


Shier High was overjoyed to find such a diamond in the rough, indubitably attracting the attention of Shiyi High.


Since the quota for the nationa��s top universities are extremely scarce, Shiyi would never allow other schools to steal their glory.


I didna��t know what my school did, but they somehow snatched Jiang Muqing from the Shier Higha��s hungry jaws.


She only transferred to our school a short while ago. Even the privilege of the pre-finals assembly, designated for our top student, Classmate Wang, was given to Jiang Muqing, who didna��t even take our midterm exams.


What was the purpose of this? Showing off to Shier?


No matter who, any hardworking student who fights for the honor of our school will be rewarded greatly. This is supposed to be the iron law of Shiyi High.


Besides that, she had another insignificant identitya��the girl I saved from 16 floors up.


She must be insane. To be fought over by two famous schools wouldna��t appear in my wildest dreams. What was she thinking, why would she want to kill herself?


My head spun, and my hands slowly stopped stirring.


a�?Fan, is dinner ready yet?a�?


My mother called from the living room.


a�?Yeah, almost.a�?


I quickly resumed frying the cabbage.


Once I was all finished, Mom ran into the kitchen, hungry as a tiger.


Dinner was chilled cucumbers and bamboo, stir-fried cabbage, a big pot of sweet-bean soup, and a cooker full of rice.


The vegetables were finely chopped. The cabbage was crisp and fresh, and the delicious smell of sweet-beans and rice filled the house. I looked upon my dishes in approval. This food was perfect for the young summer.


a�?No meat again? Fan, what did you do with your shopping money?a�?


Mom looked at our dinner sadly.


a�?Eating meat in the summer isna��t good for you. And didna��t you mention losing weight earlier this week?a�?


I reminded her, exasperated.


a�?Oh, thata��s right. If you didna��t mention it, I would have forgotten completely.a�?


She started eating in an aggressive manner.


Mom turned in her final drafts a few days ago. Since then, shea��s been letting loose, and sleeping to her hearta��s content. The dark circles around her eyes were fading quickly.


a�?Fan, the Dragon Boat Festival* is coming soon. How about we take a little vacation?a�?


*The Dragon Boat Festival, or c�?a??eS�, is a national holiday celebrating the late poet Qu Yuan. Most schools let the day off. Look it up online.


a�?I still have cram school and homework, Mom. Finals are coming up, and theya��re going to divide us into new classes based on our test scores.a�?


a�?Fan, youa��re such a good son. Ever since you started high school, I doesna��t have to worry about your studies anymore. But you should still take a break sometimes.a�?


My mother ruffled my hair.


a�?Dona��t treat me like a kid, Mom.a�?


While we ate, the television blared with news:


a�?According to our reporters, a female corpse was discovered near the lake at Peoplea��s Park this morning. The city police department has begun investigating. The coronary department has stated that the female is a 16-17-year-old girl. The cause of death is still under investigationa��.a�?




My heart skipped a beat.


a�?Whata��s wrong, little Fan?a�?


My mother seemed to sense something was wrong.


a�?Ia��m fine.a�?


I jolted forward.


a�?Is it heat stroke? Fan, youa��re not behaving normally, what happened to your facea��.a�?


My mother patted my bruise worriedly.


a�?Mom, I might have done something terrible.a�?


For some reason, my nose started burning and I wanted to cry.


My chest felt like it was hit by a sledgehammer. I could barely breathe.


a�?Did you accidentally put vinegar instead of soy sauce? Dona��t worry, it still tastes good sweet and sour.a�?


My mother pinched some cabbage with her chopsticks, and laughed in ignorance.