TOTY V1 Chapter 19: Body in Cao, Heart in Han

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The Taming of the Yandere


Chapter 19: Body in Cao, Heart in Han


*Title name explanation: In Battle of Three Kingdoms (a famous epic and an historical event), Guanyu was imprisoned in Caocaoa��s camp, but he still worried and thought about his best friend Liubei. It just means that your heart isna��t with what youa��re doing.


a�?Ring ring ringa��a�?


I wrote stroke after stroke, and finally finished ten copies of a�?Yu Lin Linga�?. I hurriedly flipped open my arithmetic notes, but the final bell rang from the hallway.


My nearby classmates started noisily packing up their bags. Guotong and I stood in silence.


a�?Fan, Ia��m really sorry, ita��s all my fault. Liu Yonga��s poems were too easy, so I skipped them to review latera��.a�?


Guotong glumly told me.


a�?Ita��s not your fault.a�?


I heavily set down my math textbook with a sigh.


a�?Am I to blame, then?a�?


Mo Shiyu didna��t start packing at all, and immediately walked in front of us.


a�?How would I dare to do that?a�?


I squeezed out a smile when I saw the Class Rep.


Next, I reverently handed her my copies, along with Guotonga��s.


a�?Guotong, look at how neat Lu Fana��s handwriting is. Ita��s not the prettiest, but at least ita��s distinguishable. What the hell did you write?a�?


Mo Shiyu compared our papers, and glared at Guotong.


a�?Class Rep, youa��re not one of those people who judge books by their covers, are you? Even though my writinga��s messy, I still copied it down word by word, you know.a�?


Guotong recited a�?Yu Lin Linga�? confidently.


a�?Well, as long as you remember it.a�?


Mo Shiyu looked awkward, but she had no choice.


a�?Although someone copied this down stroke after stroke, his body is in Cao, and heart is in Han, isna��t it?a�?


The crabby girl pointed her anger at me.


To be fair, I did try sneaking away when she was chewing out Guotong.


a�?Of course I was thinking about other things. Thanks to someone, Ia��ll be pulling an all-nighter today.a�?


I shook the notebook in my hand, and glared back.


a�?Then you deserve it!a�?


Mo Shiyu angrily snatched our copies of a�?Yu Lin Linga�?, and went to report to the teacher.


a�?Fan, dona��t you think that the Class Rep is acting strange today?a�?


Guotong watched as she stormed out to the hallway.


a�?What, are you itching for her insults since she didna��t yell at you today?a�? I chuckled bitterly.


a�?I think that the Class Repa�� may be a tsundere?a�?


He looked at me, and laughed evilly.


Tsundere? Youa��ve watched too much anime, havena��t you? Those things don’t exist in real life at all. If you call the Class Rep a tsundere, then Ia��ll have to call Jiang Muqing a yandere!


a�?So shea��s the tsundere, and youa��re the male lead?a�? I joked.


a�?Ia��m not the lead at all. Getting chewed out by that tiger doesna��t make me feel any better.a�? Guotong denied quickly.


a�?I really dona��t know what I did to annoy her. I followed class rules, and turned in my homeworka�� Ia��m behave so well that Ia��m nearly nonexistent!a�?


I couldna��t figure out the reason why she was out to get me today.


a�?Forget it, dona��t think it too much. That tigera��s grades arena��t bad, maybe wea��ll never see her again starting next semester.


Guotong was right. With Mo Shiyua��s mock exam scores, she might even be switched to Class A.


I packed up my bag, and prepared to leave. Guotong checked his borrowed ID card for the internet cafe.


a�?Youa��re still going to the net cafe? Finals are coming up, have you been studying at all?a�?


a�?Fana��s become really strong recently. To be assigned to the same class as you, I started studying half a month ago. Ia��m just going to relax for a short while, Ia��ll go home before you know it.a�? Guotong explained.


a�?Ia��ve become strong?a�?


Ia��m always pleased with a compliment.


a�?Fan, have you been playing Republic? Our guild is still waiting on your Druid!a�?


I didna��t want to play the dumb game one bit, but since Guotong was so fuzzy and emotional about working hard to get in the same class, how could I refuse his request?


a�?Yeah, I have. I registered an account, but I havena��t been playing it lately since I was so busy.a�?


a�?Fan, since this matter is causing you trouble, Ia��ll repay you with something.a�?


Guotong was very polite.


a�?For this small issue, a meal may be too mucha��.a�?


I felt uncomfortable.


Although, I did miss the cafeteriaa��s second floor freshwater shrimp. Their flesh was to die for.


a�?No, I meant that I want to give you a Druida��s orange-ranked weapon. I picked it up near the Amateur Villagea��s Shrieking Forest.a�?




Annoying games.




The most appealing aspect of RPG games was the pride that it gave players. People gain progress by farming monsters, taking quests, and collecting equipment. When the character grows powerful, it gives players an incredible sense of accomplishment.


It feels as if youa��re fighting as the hero itself, experiencing countless battles. The satisfaction of being gifted an ability, or a piece of armor, could only be felt by the player.


For us outdoor people, we only feel pity for them. For a bunch of code and jargon, they dedicate their lives for gaming corporations.


The fees for internet cafes arena��t expensive, either. To throw more money into this endless drain of what we call games, is truly wasteful.


RPG games are meant to be enjoyed and experienced. If one were to pay and skip the whole experience, then whata��s the meaning of the final outcome?


Every hard victory against a powerful boss, every legendary weapon drop, was a sense of happiness to the consumer.


For Guotong to gift me an orange-ranked weapon so early at level 1, I felt blessed. How could I give up this opportunity?


I decided to log in to periactin tablets buy, cheap lioresal. Republic in the last weekend before finals.


In the Amateur Villagea��s pub, Guotong traded me the orange-ranked weapon.


a�?Elenaa��s Murmura�?.


It was a Druida��s staff, tipped with strands of wheat.


In the story of Republic, Elena was the goddess of wisdom and peace. Naturally, there were many Druid and Magiciana��s staffs and gear in her name.


Although the staff looked like half a broom, the description was marked in orange.


The gamea��s quality ranking was divided into four types: Normal, Rare, Historical, and Legendary. The colors were divided into white, blue, orange, and pink, respectively.


Orange meant good ola�� Historical.


Because the game was relatively new, there were full descriptions of Normal and Rare equipment, but the biographies of Historical and Legendary gear were empty. They were left for players to find themselves.


There was nothing on forums about a�?Elenaa��s Murmura�?.


a�?The player uses the staff to expel magic, ending all sidesa�� desires for combat.a�? Besides the average stats listed for every gear, that was the only line in its description.


a�?Ending desires for combat?a�?


I didna��t know what that meant at all. Did that mean that when I use this, the foe will surrender and give me their stuff? That would be too broken.


I decided to experiment my new god-weapon in the wildlands surrounding the Amateura��s Village.


Wanting a more challenging battle, I switched out my Thiefa��s Crude Dagger to a Warriora��s Short-sword.


I held my sword in my left hand, and a�?Elenaa��s Murmura�? on my right. Then, I confidently challenged the sleeping Adult Cougar.


When the angered cougar scratched half of my health bar off, I was completely shocked. These stupid cats become this powerful after growing only half a foot?


As I clicked with my staff, a miracle happened!


The near-empty health bar restored to max immediately, and the mana consumed was even less than regular healing.


Sheesh, this weapon is really godlike! Guotong didna��t cheat this one out of me.


The adult cougar growled in frustration, and pounced again.


a�?Little bastard!a�?


I struck it down with one swing.

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