SR Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Transformation-Scorching Blood!


Whatever doubt Chu Rui had towards Shinjidea��s revolting transformation was long gone. He was extremely grateful that he learned it; for if he sold it in the market, it woulda��ve been a huge waste. In this period, even a gold-tier skill is something to gloat over. Although he couldna��t promise that his Shadow-Gold Weapon was the only one in existence, it was possible that Chu Rui was the only one who owned a weapon from that tier.


Legendary lived up to its name: it was truly the stuff of legends. The equipment tier is already rare enough, a Legendary skill book would be infinite times more valuable. And gear is just gear, something you can switch out of at any time. Skills are learned forever and permanently, the more powerful the more valuable.


An example would be his skill, a�?Last Standa�?. When paired with a�?Final Standa��sa�? buffs, he could even hit twenty thousand damage against a gold-ranked Boss ten levels higher than himself.


However, the greatest value of skills was that they grow along with you, steadily becoming more reliable. At endgame, theya��ll prove to be invincible and supreme, bearing the sweetest fruit imaginable.


Chu Rui opened his skill bar, and focused on the new skill, a�?Scorching Blooda�?!


Scorching Blood: Main ability, consumes 200 MP. Instantly activates inner body strength, causing blood to boil, and cells to crack and divide. Lasts for 5 minutes, and player becomes fatigued afterwards. Fatigue decreases all stats by 80% for 3 hours. Cooldown: 10 hours.


The simple description didna��t show any character power buffs. Normally, the stronger and higher the player is, the more powerful the skill gets. But this skill didna��t show any of those values. The active time is only 5 minutes, which you can use at tricky situations.


But the fatigue and recoil cause all stats to decrease 80%, trashing your character for three hours. If you cana��t get things down in 5 minutes, youa��re dead. Chu Rui didna��t see any hidden side effects, but since this was a Legendary skill, it couldna��t be any worse.


He then returned to his vault, and put down another skill book- a�?Sword Qia�?. Chu Rui then bought some trash daggers in case he needed a�?Last Standa�?. Sprinting at top speed, he arrived at the Tajia City North Gate.


There was one man and three women. The mana��s features were sharp and handsome, with a massive longsword by his side, glinting frostily. His black-plated armor had a ferocious tiger carved on the torso. His other gear was full and ready for combat: rings, necklaces, earrings.


The others were just as flashy. One was a swordswoman, standing in confidence. Her tight armor revealed her long, powerful legs. She held a pure-white sabre and wore dazzling silver robes, shining brilliantly.


Besides the swordswoman was a loli girl character. She grasped a long bow, and her huntressa�� outfit blatantly showed off her thighs. On top, only her important parts were covered, accenting her slender waist. Her dimples, paired with


The last girl paled in comparison to the other two. Although her physique was the same, she didna��t have such ridiculously large weapons. She wore a snow-white cloak, and held an ivory short-staff. Her smile was warm and calming.


These people were Ye Zifeng, Sasha, and Tianer. The last one was a druid that was a stranger to Chu Rui.


a�?Ia��m sorry for being late, I had some matters to tend to!a�?


Chu Rui apologized to the group.


a�?Ita��s alright. We didna��t wait very long.a�?


Ye Zifeng lightly smiled. Although hea��d been there for a while now, he didna��t forget Chu Ruia��s power and potential in the Lost Mineshaft. Zifeng didna��t want to act all high and mighty anymore; although he was talented, there was still distance between him and Chu Rui. Powerful men must be respected. With Chu Ruia��s abilities, no matter who he teamed up with, theya��ll all benefit greatly. To possess such an ambitious heart, Ye Zifenga��s decision was absolutely right. Looking back to when Chu Rui ignored and avoided him, he was grateful that they were on a speaking basis now.


a�?Youa��re here!a�? As soon as she saw Chu Rui, Sasha waved at him. The gesture broke her elegant and polished atmosphere, but it also made her seem cute and attractive, like the ancient Mu Guiying. *


*Mu Guiying (c��??�e��) is a fictional character in the epic a�?Yang Generala�?. She was prominent for her outstanding battle prowess.


a�?Big Brother Sly, you have to help me get revenge. Those disgusting monsters made me drop to Lv. 12.a�? Tianer tearfully pleaded, and blinked her huge eyes.


Under Tianera��s eyes, the atmosphere became murderous towards Chu Rui. He felt frustrated and upset, what does this have to do with me! Whoever has a problem with her, take her away, I dona��t care one bit.


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