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Spice of Life Chapter 9

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Chapter nine

The other three turned around to stare at him.

Still frowning, Lin Xi still wore some anger on his face. a�?What are you looking at?a�?

Tang stumbled over, barely able to tell people apart, a�?Well then, you tell me. Who else could it be?a�?

a�?Ita��s definitely not Fang Ruolian!a�? Lin Xi snatched the red wine from Lu Lingxing and poured it down his throat, speaking as the anger gushed out of him, a�?What if I said I was the one married to him?a�?

The room was suddenly silent.

Lin Xi came back to his senses. After a while of silence he raised his chin and said somewhat unwillingly, a�?Dona��t go around telling–a�?

Lu Xijia interrupted him in a mocking voice, a�?If youa��re married to fucking Duan Shen, should I go and get married to my old brother?a�?

Hearing this, Tang laughed out loud.

Lu Lingxing approached, sizing him up, and said with some surprise, a�?Was the cocktail that strong?a�?

None of them took him seriously. He had been nervous for nothing. Lin Xi breathed a sigh of relief, yet somehow felt like his heart was even more suffocated than before. His expression cold, he grabbed another glass of red wine and poured it into his mouth.

After a while, the tray was stacked full of empty glasses. Pushing them aside, Lin Xi started walking out. Pole in hand, Lu Lingxing glanced at him, a�?Where to?a�?

Lin Xi waved his hand without even looking back, a�?Bathroom.a�?

Seeing that his tone was normal and his steps were still steady, Lu Lingxing didna��t think too much of it. He didna��t remember him until much later. By the time he went downstairs to look for him, the cupboard of alcohol downstairs had already been raided….Continue Reading

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