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Spice of Life Chapter 6

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Chapter six


At seven in the morning, when Lin Xi was only half-awake, he heard someone calling him. He flipped over impatiently and buried his face into his blankets and muttered, “Stop bothering me, I’m super tired…”

Immediately the blankets on top of him were torn away. Burning with rage, he sat up, eyes still closed, and shouted, “Are you fucking deaf? Didn’t hear me–”

Something flashed through his mind in the middle of his rant, and he immediately felt awake and scared enough that cold sweat was running down his back. After three seconds of dumb silence, he opened his eyes cautiously to see the man sitting next to his bed with an unreadable expression. Shuffling over on hands and feet, he kissed him and made a pitiful face, “I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault!”

Duan Shen’s gaze was cool.

Lin Xi pursed his lips unhappily, “I’m really tired…didn’t fall asleep until the middle of the night…haven’t slept with anyone since I was five…”

Rubbing his eyes, he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. In the middle of brushing, he suddenly turned around, confused, and asked through a mouthful of toothpaste, “…Why did you wake me so early?”

“I reminded you yesterday,” Duan Shen said calmly.

“If you hadn’t finished your apology by today, then you’d come into work with me.”

Lin Xi: “…”

An hour later, Duan Shen reverse parked his car into his spot in the underground lot. Lin Xi came out from the passenger’s seat and followed the man into the elevator, right up to the executive’s office.

Su Heng came over to report his schedule, but hesitated when he saw Lin Xi. “Mr. Duan, your brother?”

Duan Shen’s footsteps slowed as he skipped through the question entirely, “Set up a small table and chair in my office.”

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