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Spice of Life Chapter 4

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Chapter four

After cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, Duan Shen came out and glanced at Lin Xi, who was still sitting on the sofa with a dumb look on his face. a�?You should be in the shower.a�?

a�?Oh.a�? Lin Xi jumped off the sofa and headed towards his own room, humming.

Duan Shen interrupted him. a�?In a good mood?a�?

Blinking his eyes, Lin Xi coughed lightly. a�?Um…kind of.a�?

Duan Shen returned to his usual official stance. a�?After your shower, come over here and keep working on your apology.a�?

Lin Xi: a�?…a�?

When he came out after his shower, he saw Duan Shen walking from the study with his cardboard box full of figurines. a�?What are you doing, moving my box out?a�? he asked, walking up to him in a hurry.

a�?Dry your hair before you come out,a�? Duan Shena��s eyes swept over the droplets forming at the end of his hair, a�?When will you stop piling stuff up everywhere?a�? cheap zoloft online, dapoxetine online.

Lin Xi blinked, mumbling unhappily, a�?Youa��re the one who stuffed your shelves full of boxes so I dona��t have anywhere to put my treasures…a�?

a�?Just give them to me,a�? he concluded, extending his hand, a�?Ia��ll just move them to my room.a�?

Duan Shen frowned. a�?The bedroom isna��t a storage room.a�?

Lin Xia��s expression turned sour, his voice full of dissatisfaction, a�?Ia��m putting them in my room, not yours.a�?

a�?My room,a�? said Duan Shen in a matter-of-fact tone, a�?Isna��t that just your room?a�?

Lin Xi stared at…Continue Reading

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