Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 56

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Trade City Shaldir Rescue Operation (Part 1)

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a�?Now, let us head toward Shaldir to provide reinforcement!a�?

I shouted in front of the centaur soldiers, dragonewt cavalry and werewolf corps.

a�?However, in the eyes of the public, Shaldir is on the side of Miraldia. Because of that, this time, each corps will have to move differently from usual. Bear that in mind.a�?


Blue Scale Knights Order, lead by aide Bartz, bowed along with Saches and centaur corps.


Since the demon kind act rashly right away, I felt worried about it, but if it’s them then it will probably be fine.

a�?All mebers of the werewolf corps, transform! Well then, GO!a�?



I transformed along with the werewolf corps and departed along with all the cavalries. Naturally, I was leading in front of them.

a�?Oi Vaito, you are the captain, so keep to the backa�?

I never thought the muscle-brained elder brother Gurney would say that to me.

Elder sister Fern also nodded.

a�?That’s right. By the way, which team is in charge of Vaito for this week? a�?

a�?Aah, it’s mine.a�?

Jerich and his team raised their hands.

What’s going on?



a�?Wait a minute, what’s with the a�?in charge of Vaitoa�?? I did not hear anything about this.a�?

a�?It is to guard and keep a look out for you so that you do not run straight ahead into the battlefield. We will not accept any objectiona�?

I am the captain of the werewolf corps, you know. Don’t decide that by yourself.

a�?Now, now, captain. Just give orders from a safe place.a�?

a�?If you die, we will have to return to that isolated village and dig potatoes again, after al.a�?

a�?Besides, if you do that, what will we say to the Demon Lord? Consider it a little.a�?

Before I knew it, everyone had started worrying about me…



Then Jerich ran up and tapped my shoulder.

a�?Don’t worry captain. We will protect you.a�?

a�?Even with four of us combined, we may be weaker than captain, isn’t it?a�?

a�?Well, we can do something even if it’s just becoming his shield.a�?

The werewolves in Jerich corps were laughing comfortably.

If I try to do anything reckless, then these guys will be even more reckless in trying protect to me. However, that will put my subordinates in danger.

Ah, that’s right.

This is why the Demon King does not go to the frontline.



Our opponents this time were two thousand soldiers and cavalry. A�On the other hand, we had one thousand soldiers.

We can’t win if we fight strike from the front, but of course, we will not fight normally. It’s war after all.

a�?Woddo corps, go north and stretch the net. Absolutely do not engage them.a�?

a�?Yosh, my arms are itching to fight.a�?

A former mercenary white werewolf laughed happily.

And like that four werewolves broke away from the formation and disappeared into a cloud of dust.



Because there is no GPS or smartphones in this world, it’s difficult to determine the enemya��s position. However, if you are able to do it, you can immediately dominate them.

Since there were infantry units in the alliance army along with cavalry, they had to march at infantry speed. If they only had cavalry, then we would have needed to change our plan.

On the other hand, everyone with us were able to march at the speed of cavalry. All one thousand of them aligned.



However, by the time Rune height got informed about the Alliance army approaching, the Alliance army should have moved a considerable distance. The news does not travel based on real-time, after all.

I could only hope that the Allied army had not arrived at Shaldir.



a�?But Vaito-dono, is this strategy really going to work?a�?

Aide Bartz anxiously asked me.

a�?If governor general Alam betrays us, we will be caught between a pincer attack.a�?

There was also that probability. But I replied, a�?If that happens, it can’t be helped. We will use our speed advantage and leave at once. Also, what we do will not change either way.a�?

a�?That is truea�?

I didn’t think Alam will betray me.

If the fervent speech back then was an act to deceive me, A�he must be a a really great actor. If that is the case, then he must have been able to manage the relationship with Miraldia from the very beginning.

So it will probably be fine. But just in case, I also prepared for it.



a�?I see it!a�?

I heard someone’s voice from the centaur corps, which was in the lead. Soon after that, a similar voice came from other corps as well.

The walls of Shaldir were faintly visible through the hazy cloud of sand in the distance.

There was no sign of the Miraldia army yet.

Looks like we made it in time.



On top of a hill a little further from there, I ordered the werewolf corps.

a�?Werewolf corps, undo your transformation! Standby here! Hamam corps, go to Shaldir!a�?

The werewolf corps returned to their human form and squat down on the spot.

Hamam had visited Shaldir several times before and he was an acquaintance of Alam.

Let’s contact Alam first.

He must be surprised to see the Demon Kinga��s army.



a�?Centaur corps go around the eastern gate vicinity! Blue Scale Knights Order, lineup by the west gate!a�?

Shaldir is a trade city, but it can’t be helped if the castle gate is only at the east and west.

There was a lake at the north side so it can’t be helped, but there is also a reason for why they didn’t make a gate toward the south.

They had limited guards, so they did not have enough guards to station if they increased the number of gates.

Therefore, it was possible to temporarily isolate Shaldir from the outside by merely blockading the two gates.



a�?Saches, do not engage them unless they betray us.a�?

Hearing my word, the silent centaur soldiers nodded.

a�?I know. It is the skill of a true warrior to ascertain not only when to fight but also when they must fight. I will lead the soldiers without any problem.a�?

a�?As usual, you talk so well when going into fight.a�?

a�?Ah… is that soa��a�?

While blushing a little, Saches lead his subordinate and galloped on.



a�?Then, I will also be on my way.a�?

Aide Barts gallantly rode his dragon and ran along with his subordinates.

I saw how gallant the appearance of the famous Blue Scale Knights Order was, just like in the rumors.

I, along with the werewolf corps, observed the situation.

The gate in Shaldir was closed, and the blue scale knight order surround the west gate. They really prepared the formation to attack at any time, and they didn’t move.

They didna��t shoot any arrows from the gates. It was going well so far.

We just had to wait for the reserve army to arrive.



After a while, Hamam’s corps came back.

a�?As expected, it seems Alam didn’t know anything about it. He was surprised.a�?

As I thought.

Hamam continued.

a�?When I asked about the Miraldia armya��s intention, he said they might want to forcibly station their troops.a�?

I see they didn’t care about what the governor general wanted.

However, if two thousand soldiers came intruding, I wonder if they would have had enough places to sleep or enough food to eat.

Well, that is none of my concern though…



On the other hand, a strange report arrived from a member of Woddo corps.

a�?Miraldia Allied army confirmed. It consists of three hundred cavalry and five hundred infantry units. The enemy are marching in formation and the cavalry is on the lead. According to old man Woddo, it seems to be heavy cavalry and light infantry.a�?

a�?Does the number not fit somehow?a�?

The werewolves just looked at each othersa�� faces.

There were two major possibilities.



The first was that the remaining twelve hundred troops exist and there was a gap in the march, or a possibility of a detached force waiting to ambush.

The other possibility was that there was a simple mistake in counting.

The one who brought in the report was not a soldier, but a civilian trader. It is not always possible to accurately grasp the number of a marching army from the highway.



The worst scenario would be that the remaining twelve hundred were going towards Rune Height.

a�?If that’s the case, then I can’t relax here,a�? I thought. If push comes to shove, Lash could take command of the skeleton soldiers, but she was an amateur as a soldier.

Should I go back?



I was worried, but I needed to organize the situation.

The enemies were fewer in number than us right now. In addition, they were in marching formation. In that case, we would not lose if we were to fight as it is.

The only possibility of us losing will arise if Alam betrayed us.

In that event, around three hundred soldiers of Shaldir will come flank us.

Due to the vagueness of situation, I could not grasp the direction the battle would go towards.



However, we can just run away if Alam betrays us. That’s why I picked the corps that enabled us to run away and shake off the cavalry.

More importantly, we must protect Alam if the Miraldia army tries to do anything strange. If we fail here, there is also a possibility that the secret agreement could be destroyed.

This is the time to fight.

When needed, I will rampage along with the werewolf corps.



I resolved my mind and ordered the werewolf corps.

a�?The centaur corps and Blue Scale Knights Order wait for further orders. Werewolf corps disguised as refugees will go towards Shaldir. The Jerich corps and I will join the Woddo corps.a�?


Everyone’s voice came together.

I raised my voice as to not lose to the pressure of having over a thousand lives under my command.

a�?Let’s go!a�?