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Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 55 Version 2(Retranslated)

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Reincarnated into a Werewolf

Chapter 55: The Army Stealthily Closes In


After establishing a secret agreement with Shaldir, for the first time in a while, I
went to report to the Demon King.


a�?It looks like you have been quite busy, Vaito.a�?


a�?Yes, my lord. I was finishing up the side jobs.a�?


The demon lord gave a wry smile, as I answered honestly.


a�?I see.a�?

a�?Defeating the fake hero and exposing his identity, crushing the Northern Miraldia armya��s morale, bringing the enemy magicians to our site, and establishing a secret pact with the trade city, Shaldir, are just side jobs, huh?a�?

a�?Well, yesa��a�?

Compared to the demon lorda��s objectives these are nothing but side jobs. I should be the one putting these in order.


The demon lord put the reports on the desk, finding it all to be very amusing.

a�?If these are side jobs, ita��d seem that there are nothing but side jobs in the demon lord army. If you seek even greater tasks, Ia��m fine with abdicating the throne of the demon to you.a�?

a�?Please wait a minute, my lord! If you were to renounce your throne, I would also leave the demon lord army and return to the country-side.a�?

a�?You really are a man without greed.a�?

As the demon king laughed heartily, I couldna��t help but laugh as well.

Be at ease, Demon Kinga��s aide.


a�?Good job on the matter with the fake hero. And how is the issue of the fake saint coming along?a�?

a�?For the time being, Ia��m keeping her as my close aide. She is gentle and a good-natured person with no greater ambitions.a�?

Lasha��s illusions are first class. They can be put to use in real battle situations. Although she is a coward, shea��s a good person at her core.a�?

Demon King nodded, agreeing thoroughly.

a�?Youa��re very skilled at converting our enemies. Compared to your skills in that field, I am lacking .a�?

a�?You think too highly of me.a�?

Ita��s just that I cannot deal the final blow and somehow they end up sticking to mea��

Well, since I have been praised, I kept quiet about it.


a�?Your abilities are even working on Shaldira��s governor general.a�?

a�?Actually, that has not been going so well eithera��a�?

I honestly told the Demon King about how I misjudged Alama��s personality and ended up frightening him carelessly.

a�?I was not really good at persuading people in the first place. Ita��s just that I was a former human being. I didna��t quite notice how Alam was desperately pretending to be a tactician either.a�?

a�?Hmm, I see.a�?

The Demon King nodded.


a�?But Vaito, unlike others, the concept of acting to be oneself does not exist within the demon race to begin with. There is no one who can grasp the young man named Alana��s true feelings.a�?

Indeed that is true.

The demon tribe does not need to create a persona. Everything is decided by strength. Even being the same rank, one can have a vague understanding of who is stronger.

If the other party is stronger, it is fine doing what they tell you to do, and if they are weaker, you can do as you please. If needed, even protect them. That is all there is to it.


The Demon King started talking quietly.

a�?The human society is complicated. There are many points the demon race, who live according to a clear and simple philosophy, find hard to comprehend. For that reason, people like you and I are needed. However, there will be many hardships.a�?

The Demon King laughed wryly which made me laugh too in reflex.

a�?Not at all. Compared to the pressure the Demon King is going through, these hardships are nothing. Please leave it to me.a�?

Ah, this is bad. I again promised without due consideration.


The Demon King agreed to my words and said, a�?If the Governor General Alam sides with you, hea��ll be turning the Miraldia Alliance into his enemy. When that happens, the true value of the demon lord army will be put to the test. Whether we can protect them or not.a�?

a�?Yes, my lord.a�?

That is certainly a concern.

After all, the human of this world recklessly kill their own kinda�� No, I probably think because of the peaceful times Ia��ve been through during my previous existence. I was so carefree that my judgement in that area might have grown lenient.

a�?fufu cheap cardura online, purchase zithromax. a��a�?

Demon King was oddly happy and laughed. So I asked with a tilt of my head.

a�?What is the matter, my lord?a�?

a�?No, ita��s nothing. Hmm, I seea�� hmm hmm.a�?

Why are you laughing so much, Demon King?



a�?Yes, my lord.a�?

a�?With the expansion of our territory, on we will need even greater military strength from now. My right hand man, I bestow five hundred knights of the Blue Scale Knights Order under your command.a�?

Speaking of the Blue Scale Knights Order, theya��re the elites of the demon kinga��s armya��s first division, lead by second-in-command Bartz.

a�?Y-you must not do that, Demon King! They are the shield which protects you, your majesty!a�?

But the Demon King shook his head.

a�?What they must protect is not me but the future of the demon race. And that does not lie here, it lies in Rune Height.a�?


The Demon King stood up and placed his hand on my shoulder.

a�?After consulting Bartz beforehand, as you are of the same first division, he willingly accepted.a�?

a�?But then your majestya��s protection will bea��a�?

The Crimson Scale Knight Order, who rival the Blue Scale Knight Order in strength, were dispatched to the north.

Many of the first division infantry forces are in Grunstadt Castle but infantry alone does not provide a peace of mind.

a�?Dona��t worry, Vaito. I will protect myself. If cana��t even do that, I cana��t call myself the Demon King.a�?


The Demon King laughed.

a�?Thanks to such skilled retainers, I have a lot of free time. If I dona��t do things suited to a Demon King occasionally, I would start to feel uneasy.a�?

a�?a�� Then I shall humbly accept.a�?

I bowed deeply and respectfully accepted the Demon Kinga��s kindness.





a�?My subordinates are also in high spirits being able to fight alongside Vaito, the one who killed the hero.a�?

Bartz said as we marched alongside.

a�?The one I defeated was a fake hero so I cana��t really boast about it.a�?

a�?But it is also true that he was a threat to the second division. Well done defeating him.a�?

They were riding on bipedal dragon-like creatures called Kiryuu (mount dragons). Kiryuu cannot carry heavy loads but since they have two feet, they are able to make tight turns.


And their greatest forte is their nature.

Kiryuus are carnivores, so theya��re natural enemies of horse riders. And thus, horse riders, instinctively do not like fighting against Kiryuus.

They can be called the anti-cavalry unit.

But they dona��t feel comfortable being rode on by anything other than dragonewts.

Thanks to that, I had walk on foot. An ordinary horse cannot march together with them, so I could not ride a horse.

Even though I am also a second-in-commanda��


a�?Youa��ve been switching between grinning and feeling down. Is something wrong?a�?

a�?N-no. Ia��m glad to be able to fight alongside the Blue Scale Knight Order, but on the other hand, I am also keenly aware of the weight of the responsibility.a�?

As I said that, Bartz cracked a smile.

a�?That goes for us too. To be of more use to Vaito, we are focusing our energy at being more diligent.a�?

Very reliable.

However, my unit is getting even more disordereda��




When I arrived at Rune Height with the Blue Scale Knights, the inujin (dog-man) corps were making a place for the kiryuu.

a�?Ah, ita��s lord Vaito.a�?

a�?Welcome back, Vaito.a�?

a�?Uwaa, a real dragon!a�?

The place you guys are building right now is the place for these kiryuu to rest. So why are you so surprised?

a�?Lord Vaito, can we ride it too?a�?

a�?No, ita��s impossible. Only dragonewts can ride it.a�?

a�?Ehha�� thata��s sad.a�?

Just go back and do your job already.


The exhaustion from the journey still remained when I reached Rune Height.

When I was thinking about what to do for the food for the dragonewt soldiers and the kiryuu, Irya came barging in.

a�?This is bad! The Miraldia Alliance army is marching towards Shaldir from the north!a�?

a�?What?! Who reported it?!a�?

a�?Ita��s a fast horse from a Rune Height trade merchant! The army consists of two thousand cavalry and two thousand infantry from the reserved army!a�?

a�?What about siege weapons?a�?

a�?It seems nobody saw siege weapons.a�?

a�?Since there are no siege weapons, I dona��t think theya��re seriously trying to attack Shaldir. Perhaps ita��s some sort of political act.a�?

a�?But I had a bad feeling about it.a�?

I stood up.

a�?Call the werewolf corps, centaur corps, and the Blue Scale Knights Order. Alam might be in danger.a�?



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