Reincarnated Into Werewolf 55 Version 1

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Chapter 55



The secret agreement with Shaldir had been established, It’s been a while since I give a report to demon king-sama.

a�?You looks so busy, Vaitoa�?

a�?Yes, I’ve cleaned up my choresa�?

Because I answered it so honestly, demon king-sama made a bitter smile.

a�?Do you mean you defeated a fake hero, damaged the morale of the Northern Miraldia army, brought the enemy magician to our side and established a secret agreement with the trade city Shaldir?a�?

a�?Ah, well…….a�?

Compared to the difficulty of the demon king-sama’s objective, this was nothing more than a chore. It will be fine as long as I cleaned up this kind of thing.



It can’t be helped if demon king sama finds this funny, so I put the report on his desk.

a�?If this is just a chore, then maybe the Demon King Army is just a group of people who only do chores. A�If you are asking for a bigger job, then isn’t it fine for me to abdicate from the position of demon king and give it to you?a�?

a�?Pl-please wait a moment. If your majesty abdicates from the demon king position, then I will also resign from demon king army and go back to the countrysidea�?

a�?You really are a man without any desiresa�?

Demon King laughed happily, and I joined in deliberately.

An aide’s position is really comfortable, you know.



a�?You did a good job in the fake hero case. How about that fake saint?a�?

a�?Right now, she can be called as my aide. Her personality is gentle, not ambitious, and a nice persona�?

Lash’s illusion is a first class. It can be used at the tactical level. She is a coward, but her core is a nice person.

Demon King nodded deeply.

a�?You are skillful in finding out enemies. Beyond that arm, you have more to surpasseda�?

a�?That word is too good for mea�?

I can’t simply kill the enemy and just leave it to rot…….

But since I got praised, I keep silent about it.



a�?And in the viceroy of Shaldir’s case, your skill has been demonstrated very wella�?

a�?No, it was just a failure……a�?

I honestly told him that I had misunderstood about Alam’s personality and that I had carelessly scared him.

a�?Originally, I am not a person who is able to persuade people. It’s just that I was a former human being. It was hard for me to know that he was desperately playing the role as schemer.a�?

a�?Hmm, I see.a�?

Demon lord was nodding.



a�?But, Vaito. In the first place, the idea of performing oneself to be different from usual doesn’t exist in demonkind. There’s no one who will be able to understand that lada�?

That’s certainly true.

Among the demons, it wasn’t necessary to create a persona. Things were decided by strength. Even if they are equal, they somehow able to determine which one is above the other.

If the opponent is a strong person, then it’s okay as long as you do exactly to what the opponent said, if the opponent is weak, it’s okay to protect them if necessary. that’s it.



Demon king-sama spoke softly to me.

a�?Human society is complicated. A�There are a lot of points that can’t be understood by demon kin who survive by a simple and clear way of life. That’s the reason I need someone like you. but perhaps there will be a lot of hardshipsa�?

Demon King-sama made a wry smile and I unintentionally laughed.

a�?No, mine is easier than the hardship from the pressure that demon king-sama gets. So please leave it to mea�?

No good, I promised without consideration again.



Hearing my word, demon king-sama nodded and said,a�?With you as an ally, Viceroy Alam will turn Miraldia Alliance into his enemy. At a time like that the true value of demon king army will be asked whether we can protect them or not.


It really made me anxious.

Anyhow, the people in this world are able to kill random people or a whole family…… No, maybe it’s because in the previous life I live in peace. Because how comfortable it is, it seems I lost judgment around that part.




Demon king-sama was strangely happy and laughed with his head tilted.

a�?Is there something wrong?a�?

a�?No, it’s nothing. Hmm, I see……..hmm hmm.a�?

Why are you laughing like that, demon king-sama?





a�?Along with the expansion of ruled area, surely you need more power from now on. My right-hand man, I’ll bestow you 500 knights from blue scale knight order as your subordinatea�?

Speaking of blue scale knight order, it was an elite that leads by aide Bartz of demon king army first division.

a�?Y-you must not do that demon king-sama. They are a shield that protects your majesty, right!?a�?

However, demon king-sama shakes his head.

a�?They are not to protect me, but to protect the future of demon kin. And that is not in here but in Rune Heighta�?



Demon King-sama stood up and placed his hand on my shoulder.

a�?When I approached Bartz before, Bartz willingly accepted it because we were friends from the same first division.a�?

a�?But, who will protect your majesty…a�?

The red scale knight order which is equal to the blue scale knight order was dispatched to the north.

Many of the infantry forces of the first division are still in the Grunstadt castle, but it was still not enough with just infantry alone.

a�?Don’t worry Vaito. I am more than enough to protect myself. I can’t be called demon king if I can’t do that.a�?



Demon king-sama said so and then laughed.

a�?Thanks to my retainers, I have a lot of free time. It made me a bit uneasy if I didn’t do things like a demon king once in a while.a�?

a�?…Thank you for your benevolence.a�?

I bowed very deeply and respectfully accepted the goodwill of demon king-sama.



a�?If they fight along with Vaito the hero killer, I’m sure my subordinate will be in high spirits.a�?

Aide Bartz was laughing and marched along with me.

a�?What I defeated is just a fake hero, so I’m not proud of it.a�?

a�?But it still the fact that they were a threat for the second division. It was amazing.a�?

What they ride is a bipedal monster called a mount dragon. I can’t put heavy things on it, but they had a good maneuverability because they have two feet.



And their greatest forte is their nature, because the mount dragon is a carnivorous animal, so it’s a natural enemy for horses. Therefore, the horse rider is instinctively reluctant to fight the mount dragon.

So it can be called an anti-cavalry unit.

But they are willing to be ridden only by dragonewts.

Thanks to that, I’m walking right now. An ordinary horse can’t march together with them, so I can’t ride a horse.

Even though I am also an aide…



a�?You just grinned while getting depressed since a while ago, is there something wrong?a�?

a�?N-no. I’m glad to be able to fight along with blue scale knight order, but I’m keenly aware of the weight of the responsibility.a�?

Then, aide Bartz smiled and laughed.

a�?It’s also the same with us. We will be more diligent so we can be used to serve Vaito-dono.a�?

Wow, so reliable.

But with this, my troops will become more and more in chaos…



After I came back to Rune Height with blue scale knight order, the inujin corps was making a place for the dragon user.

a�?Ah, it’s Vaito-sama.a�?

a�?Welcome back, Vaito-sama.a�?

a�?Uwaa, a real dragon!a�?

Well, what you made right now is a building for the mount dragon to rest right. Why you be so surprised like that.

a�?Vaito-sama, can we ride this too?a�?

a�?No, it’s impossible. Only dragonewts are able to ride it.a�?

a�?Ehh….. it’s regrettable.a�?

Just go back and do your jobs already.



When I returned to Rune Height, the tiredness from the trip was still not healed yet.

When I was thinking about what to do with the dragonewt soldier and the food for mount dragon, Aura ran to me.

a�?It’s bad -desu! The Miraldia Alliance army is coming to Shaldir from the north!a�?

a�?What!? Who reported that!?a�?

a�?It’s a fast horse from Rune Height trade merchant -desu! The composition is around 2000 cavalry and 2000 infantry from the reserve army!a�?

a�?What about siege weapons?a�?

a�?It seems nobody saw it -desu.a�?

If there’s no siege weapon, then I think they didn’t want to attack Shaldir seriously. Perhaps it is a kind of political performance.

But I had an unpleasant premonition about this.

I stood up.

a�?Call the werewolf and centaur troops, and the Blue Scale knight order. Maybe Alam is in crisis right now.a�?