Maou Ni Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Leta��s use magic – 1




Sitting on the throne, which I had gotten used to, I groaned at the menu screen.


a�?What happened? Looking at nothing with such enthusiasm.a�?


Lefy, who had been saying something like a�?Ohh, ohha�� I hadna��t really dealt with slimes up close buta�� when you look at it like this, they are pretty cutea��a�� a while ago, asked with a puzzled expression.


a�?No, noth—-Hm? Nothing?a�?


Can she not see the menu screen?


a�?Yep. It looks to me as if youa��re gazing off somewhere with an absent min– Ah, I see, were you looking at your status? If I remember right, you had the analyze skill too.a�? she said agreeing.


a�?From the way you said that, you have it too, Lefy?a�?


a�?Yep. Pretty convenient, that. As you level up the skill, you can look through all things with that. Well, therea��s only a handful of people who have leveled it up to that, though.a�?


a�?….Hey, yesterday, did you not realize that I was a demon lord first time after coming here? If you have analyze then you should have realized that from the first place, right?a�?


a�?No, at first, I just thought you were some worthless demon who had came into my territory without thinking so I didna��t even bother analyzing. After that, my head was filled with the chocolate so I completely forgot. Ah, Yuki, I want to eat choco.a�?


a�?You will definitely have cavity soon.a�?


a�?What are you saying? I am an ancient dragon, you know? There wona��t be any disorder in my state.a�?


So youa��re treating cavity as disorder in state, I see.

I opened up the DP Catalogue and threw that towards Lefy.


a�?Mm? Whata��s this?a�?




a�?Leta��s seea�� Wafuuu! This is delicious too! As I thought, I was right to shift here! Futon feels really good to sleep on and I didna��t know it would feel so nice to live in human form.a�?



I couldna��t help but give a bitter smile as Lefy was merry like a child, munching on the cookie.

Anyway, the most important thing is she liked it. Why? Because it is cheaper than chocolates.


a�?Well? What were you pondering about while gazing at your status?a�?


a�?No, just that, I wanted to be able to use magic. My mana numbers are pretty high so I should be able to use it buta��.a�?


I had come to that thought after looking at the gory scene defeating that dog earlier.


After all, I am a person who barely got into any fight in the previous world.

My physical skills seem to be quite high but, there are probably thousands of monsters stronger than that dog and—-most importantly, I wona��t be able to win with just that against human or demi-humans whose occupation itself is fighting.

Amongst them, there are the demons who are supposed to be my ally but there might probably be some enemies there as well.


There is the supreme dragon in my dungeon but, if I just keep on saying that and depend on her, I will probably get nowhere.


I, for one, know that the kings who have the mental attitude like a�?What kind of a king are you, if you are not full of pride?!a�� are the ones who die first.


And no matter what I say, this world is very cruel. And if thata��s the case, having strength wona��t be a bad thing and as I am in another world, I thought I should might as well try learning magic.

Moreover, as far as the status says, my mana is overwhelmingly more than my other stats.

I should make use of it.


But, I could also just summon strong underlings for that.

Well, one thing or the other, in short, I just want to use magic. Thata��s it.


—-Just that, I do not know how to use it.


I tried doing a�?Kame*ameha!a�� and a�?The Wor*da��A�but they all failed.

Well, that is actually a joke but as I acquired the martial arts skill after yakuza kicking the dog, I just thought that I could maybe also acquire some magic skills if I tried like thata��.


Or rather, first of all, what exactly is mana?

I could feel the dungeona��s mana so I thought maybe I could also feel the mana inside me but, nope, I could not.

I also tried meditating but all I could hear was Lefy and Shii playing. I wonder if my approach is wrong.


a�?Hmmm. I guess you could say yours is higher than the average. —Oh? You seem to have leveled up. Did you beat a monster or something while I was asleep?a�?


a�?Something along the linesa��. Hey, just for future reference but, how does my status look?a�?


a�?They are pretty diverse but, yea, I guess you are either equal or stronger than the monsters living around here. There are a lot stronger than you too though. But even still, ita��s not even a hundredth of my numbers!a�? Lefy said while laughing.


Not even a hundredtha��.?


While I was dumbfounded by the difference in strength, after having finished the cookie I gave her, wearing a somewhat sad expression, Lefy looked at me.


a�?Well, if ita��s just magic, I could also teach you. But, not for fre—a�?


I silently brought out another cookie and threw it to the supreme dragon.


a�?Hmm! Very well! I shall make you into a great magician of the century!a�?



Glad she is so easy to deal with.