Maou Ni Chapter 4

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Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 4 Leta��s understand our current state – 3

The following day.


After having slept for some time, I was feeling refreshed so I put the futon into the item box and opened the DP CatalogueA�to search for food ingredients for breakfast.


When I activated the item box, a vacuum cracked open in the air and I could put stuff in there.

When I was wondering about how I would go about bringing stuff out from it, a list appeared inside my head and it looked like I could bring the item I think about out when I put my hand in. So convenient.


And by the way, if you were wondering how I knew the date and time while there were no windows in the room, it is because therea��s a date and time displayed on the upper right corner of the menu.

When I was just about to retort with a�?What is this, a game?!a��, I remembered that it was probably used as a reference so it was only natural.


After bringing out a loaf of bread (15DP) and bacon (30DP), as there were no other chairs in the room, I sat down on the throne and started eating.


I need to properly think of how to reserve DP too. I do have most of the initial 1000DP but this is my life-line.

I feel kinda uneasy as it keeps decreasing.


There are four ways to get DP:


  • Having monsters other than the one I made inside the dungeon (The stronger the monster, the more DP)
  • Killing intruders in the dungeon. (The stronger the invader, the more DP)
  • Absorbing a body or something which could be food inside the dungeon (More DP depending on the thing)
  • Natural recovery (Recovers naturally from the dungeon surroundings)

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As you can see, a lot of the DP income depends on the invader.

Ita��s weird how the dungeon gives birth to the manager to not get killed by invaders but needs the invaders for food.


Well, I guess that is the survival of the fittest. The dungeon is also a living thing after all. It probably cana��t escape from that.


Although there is the natural recovery, it only recovers about 1 DP per 3 hours at the moment so I cana��t really depend on it.


It is necessary to A�properly put everything in the dungeon in order but, for that, I would need to know how the dungeons and Demon Lords are perceived.

Also, the geography. I would definitely need to know these.


Ita��s kinda like this- a�?If you dona��t know the demand, you wona��t know how to supply.a��

I faintly recalled something like that from the previous world.


But even though I say that, the knowledge the dungeon forced on me, the wikipedia in my brain only had the descriptions of the invaders from the dungeona��s perspective so I dona��t really understand fully.


In short, it was something like a�?The bad beings who come to kill us.a��


Well, yes, I guess. It would see the ones who come to kill it as bad, of course.


a�?Now thena��.a�?


After eating breakfast and sweeping all the bread crumbs off me, I stood up and turned towards the only door of the room.


For now, the only thing I immediately need to confirm is what lies in front of this door.


I am half curious and half afraid about what might be lying in wait ahead buta��. it wona��t start if I dona��t do anything here.


After preparing myself mentally, I went to the door, and gently opened it —-




a�?………A cave, eh?a�?



In front of the door, lied one huge cave.


A crystal like stalactite hung from above, who knows how old, and from a little tear on the ceiling of the cave, light came flowing in and reflected to illuminate the surrounding.

At a little caved-in place, water was gathering up, and I do not know whether any impurities were mixed in it or not but, it was so transparent that you could see all the way to the end.


Quite the magical spectacle.


Looks like this door was created inside the cave.

The dungeon territory is still only that room with the throne so this cave was probably not something created by the dungeon.


After confirming that there werena��t any living creatures in the surrounding, I started walking towards the cave exit— no, probably the entrance, where sunlight was shining through.


My footsteps echoed in the cave.

The air inside the cave was chilly and felt nice to the skin. Probably wona��t need an air conditioner during summertime.


Before long, I reached the entrance and my view spread —-


—– and became perfectly clear, with the endless blue skies in front of me.


Covering a part of the view, was a big, green forest.

The wind blowed, shaking the trees and, if one were to properly listen, they could also hear the sound of the leaves touching each other.

Illuminated by the light of the sun, the large, sparkling river went long, long ahead.


The horizon was ever spreading and piercing through the clouds was the grandeur of mountain range, overwhelming the beholder.

I wonder if that enormous blue, spreading wide across the horizon, was the sea.


At the distant skies, an island-like figure floated, and from there, a flowing waterfall poured endlessly onto the vast land, creating a rainbow.




To the beauty of the scene which spread in front of me, my eyes were left wide open.


What stretched out before me was something my poor vocabulary could never possibly express, a mystical yet majestic figure of a world.


a��…I wonder, If I too, can fly in these skies before long, with those wings. It would surely feel amazing.


By the way, I do not currently have the wings on my back.

When I was wondering if I could either fold it up properly or make it small as it would be a hindrance while sleeping, it just disappeared.


These wings, which are created by this power, this magic I do not yet know much about, feel like they could be created and put out by will so I left it out after that. What a convenient body.


After a while of being entranced by the scene, I returned to myself and started checking the geography of the surroundings, which was my initial objective.


This place seems to be halfway on top of a mountain. Even though I say halfway, I did see such a scenery just now, so it might even be actually quite high. There seem to be a�� no human habitations nearby.


As I turned back to face towards the cave, a steep cliff was before me.

Looks like the cave I had just come out from was underneath the cliff.


Aha��. it does not seem like I would be able to advance much further this way. For now, I would like to go up buta��


While pondering such things, I started walking to look for a place from where I could climb up.