I’m Back In The Other World? 95 part 1

Dark Theme

Sowwy! I wasn’t able to translate the whole chapter this time! I’ll have to leave you all on a cliff until Monday! >.<

On some good news, I added chapter names to the TOC. I’ll see if I can later add the names of the older chapters translated by Este and Yuchi to it… It will be a bit of a hassle, but considering none of those have the title names on them, I suppose it can’t be helped… Well, at least I’ll only have to do it once, so it shouldn’t take thaaaat long.

Ah, and just a warning in advance, this chapter ends in a cliffhanger, so even after Monday, you’ll still be wishing to know what happens next… I don’t know what will happen either! I’m so curious! >.<


Well, here comes the chapter part! ^^)/


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