I’m Back In The Other World? 94 part 2

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Here is the next part! Hooray for splitting in only 2! \(^^)/

A reminder that I don’t have access to a PC on Thursday, so I’ll probably be able to finish chapter 95 only on Monday… Unless I get on a very good roll and finish that chapter in one go… Which is possible, but unlikely.

Make sure to leave your comments saying rather you prefer the TOC with or without chapter titles, in case you haven’t already! >.<

Ah! Do tell me if the ads are making the page too heavy or something, I’ll see what I can do in that case. I just solved a small problem there was with the provider, so they’re back up now… They’re fine on my end, but I wouldn’t want to harm anyone else’s experience because of them.



I’m Back In The Other World? Chapter 94 part 2

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