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Chapter 93 – The Beginning of War


It was a sunny day around the middle of April1, I went to the adventurer guild to get a quest.

However, the air on the guild was different than normal. It is as noisy as usual, but a different kind of noisea�� And ita��s busy, very busy. Besides, it seems that adventurers are in a bad mood as well.

In the tea room, instead of the usual relaxed air, people are seriously discussing with one another.

…… What happened?

For the time being, I decided to ask a receptionist before looking at the quests.

a�?Good morning. Things seem to be quite hectic, but what happened?a�?

At the receptionista��s desk, Airi-san also seemed to be pretty busy, but she looked to me and explained the situation.

a�?Ah, Fujino-sama … Good morning… Eeh, an emergency request came early this morning… The army of the Soutinsu2 country has been advancing towards the border…… All adventurers are to prepare for the departure. You cana��t refuse unless you have special circumstances. Fujino-sama also needs to go. The king decided that wea��ll be part of the defense line. The departure is in 3 days and it is a top priority request, all other quests have been suspended, so please see the details on the board.a�?

She seemed out of breath, but she still explained it in one go.

There have been rumors since a while back, but did it finally come…? It seems like there were already tensions with the surrounding countries due to monopoly of rare ores and summons of heroes. There were also rumors of them contracting mercenaries a while back. It might be the fault that there have only been small skirmishes on the recent times.

It was common to have large battles every 10 years or so, but there has been no big battle on the last 40 years.

a�?What is the size of the army and their current position?a�?

If the adventurers are being forced to participate, Soutinsua��s army is probably on the tens of thousands. Considering that the departure is in 3 days, Soutinsua��s army probably departed a few days ago. It takes about 8 days by carriage, or 15 days on foot to go from the capital to the border area. Sobyuurua��s3 army should depart an advance team tomorrow to prepare the defense line.

a�?The information we got says that Soutinsua��s army has about 60,000 troops and departed from the capital four days ago. Sobyuurua��s troops dispatched 3,000 as an advance group, together with the border defense, they should have about 8000 people for the defense.a�?4

60 thousand…! Thata��s almost the whole army! No, I dona��t know the details of these days…

25a�� No, 26 years ago, 60,000 was about 80% of Soutinsua��s Army. I dona��t know how much it grew, but I doubt it was much. In other words, they are departing with full strength while only leaving the bare minimum left, intending to end it all with a single decisive battle.

The kingdom troops are around 120000. If more soldiers are recruited, it could grow up to 200000. Considering the strength of each nation, a prolonged battle would be disadvantageous for Soutinsu. Since our borders are with friendly countries, we dona��t need to keep many troops, but village and guards are still necessary. If you exclude those, it should be possible to move abouta�� 70000 people? The kingdom has the advantage on the numbers, but we dona��t know what will happen on the battlefield. Ita��s also possible they use forbidden techniques on it.

I thank Airi and head to the quest board.

There was a crowd of people in front of the board, as expected. The content of the convocation was there in one big parchment.

Contents are “The army of Soutinsu marches upon the kingdom of Sobyuuru. Adventurers are drafted to help on the border for an indefinite amount of time, until the case is settled. An appropriate compensation will be given according to the time spent there.a�?5 There were other details on it, but it was similar to what Airi-san told me.


Three days later, on the morning, I went to the gate..

On the preparation time, I did what I deemed necessary.

First of all, I asked Chiffon-san to take care of Eru as usual. Ia��m worried because I dona��t know when Ia��ll be back, but Eru is smart, so it will probably be fine.. When I come back, I should give something to Chiffon-san as thanks.

As for the house… While I cana��t do anything about the cleaning, I asked the Guild to take the money from my account to pay the rent. It would be sad to come back, only to see my home gone…

There werena��t many more things to do, I didna��t need to prepare anything in particular for the trip. My equipment is in good shape, food will be provided by the country. Maa, Ia��ll bring some preserved meals, but there isna��t much else.

There were already other adventurers gathering at the plaza. I was in a bit of an isolated place, but the surroundings were quickly being filled. I dona��t think there are a thousand of them here, but it should be close to it.

I heard there are only about 20000 people on the capital though? The number seems too big, they probably came from the surrounding towns as well.

Ever since the convocation, every day a group of knights could be seen leaving towards the border. The towna��s people can see it, and rumors of Soutinsua��s advancement spread. When I went shopping, a lot of people asked me about it….

Maa, I dona��t want to fight in a war, but this is part of the obligations of an adventurer, so there is no choice. Hopefully it will end quickly..

Looking around, I could see many groups talking. Though there is one guy that seems to be alone, he is watching them while walking back and forth. Aah, he is uneasily looking at the ground. From his looks, seems like a beginner, probably F-rank? Just as he registered, a war broke out…

Thinking of it, there are really few women working as adventurers, I heard it was about 20%, but isna��t it closer to 10%?

Eh? Why is no one looking at me? Am I too small to be seen from afar? …… Ia��m participating too!

Ia��m sitting atop my luggage a bit far from the rest. It would be impossible to see this many adventurers together if not for such a troublesome time. We will work together, so it would be better to get close to those I dona��t deem dangerous.

By the way, some people end up being trouble on the battlefield due to no having the discipline of the army, or they get too stressed due to spending too much time on the field. At first, alcohol will solve it, but with time, they end up entering fights or assaulting the women. As expected, there are no knights that do this, but with adventurers, one needs to be careful with whom theya��re close to…… Due to that, the women tend to rest in groups, as they can trust it other more easily.

Maa, it wona��t happen on the first days though.

While I was looking at the adventurers, a loud voice came from the gate.

a�?We are leaving for the border! The expected arrival time is in 14 days, so please be prepared! Troublesome behavior will lead to punishments by the guild, so please be careful! Wea��ll proceed without stopping at any villagers or town! Then leta��s move out! a�?

The groups started to move out. I decided to leisurely accompany the groups on the back.


Going to the border wasna��t very troublesome.

Ia��m annoyed by the preserved food not being very tasty, and the soup we got from dinner being pretty bad, but ita��s not a big dissatisfaction.

Rather, the biggest problem was to not take a bath. To keep walking through the towns and villages, only stopping at night for camping…. We keep on accumulating dirt gradually, ita��s particularly bothersome for me that had the habit of taking baths daily.

Since Ia��m an adventurer, I could endure it for a few days, but I always got a huge relief whenever I got home, in those cases.

However, there isna��t a place in which I can hide to change my clothes, and if I go bathe, Ia��ll need to endure the peeping from other adventurers. I dona��t have any exhibitionist hobby.

Exposing myself or enduring the dirt…? Everyday was a tough day….

I didna��t endure it until even half of the way. It happened on the fifth day of campaign.

I suggested to a few women adventurers to take turns while bathing. They were also troubled by the current situation, so they easily complied, so we got a few more people and told the guards about it.

Half does the watch, and half bathe and change. We also washed the dirty clothes and dried them at a bonfire. Only the women were doing it, and the men werena��t allowed near. We couldna��t do it everyday though, I had to make do with a bath every 3 days..

From time to time some guys tried to peek, but they were always driven out.

We were scolded due to this hindering the march, but we still did it anyway.

And even with this delay, we still reached the border at time.

The knights had already built a few tents in advance, so the camp was already set.

There was a big tent with a few small ones around them, theya��re probably reserved for the nobles.

We, adventurers, had to set up our tents near the knightsa�� ones. I say ita��s a tent, but ita��s basically for sleeping, there was barely any space on them.


There isna��t much tension on the camp right now, probably because the war didna��t properly start yet. Still, there is still tension due to the looming danger approaching.

However, that doesna��t mean it is quiet. The knights are constantly moving around, and plenty of people are still arriving and setting up tents.

a�?Long time no see, so Fujino-san also came.a�?

After finishing setting up my tent, I heard a voice come from behind me while I thought on what to do after dinner. Takahashi-san6, the former hero, was standing behind me.

a�?Aah, Takahashi-san7, it’s been a while indeed, werena��t you placed as a guard for the capital?a�?

a�?Haha, I have a huge debt to Soutinsu if I have the opportunity to repay it, then Ia��d rather grab it with my own hands.a�?

Indeed, Takahashi-san was summoned to this world by Soutinsu and was deceived to come to Sobyuuru, he was about to be killed by a person he thought was a friend, right?8 Seems to be quite ironic to have their very own summoned hero turn his back towards them.

a�?It’s good to get back at them, but ita��s not worth it if you get injured while trying to do that, so please be careful.a�?

Small injuries cana��t be helped, but long-lasting injuries that affect us even on the future are no good, my goal is to get home safely after all. Of course, we dona��t have room for losing since ita��s a war after all, but I guess we can try moderating between endangering ourselves and doing the safe actions.

Also, I’m also worried about how Soutinsu will act. I feel like they have no qualms on what actions they take or any humanitarian values at all. I heard it from the prince, but it seems the self-proclaimed demon who was manipulating the lesser dragon was also involved with Soutinsu. Ia��m not sure on what to do if they do something similar again…

There is also the danger of them using a large-scale forbidden spell that needs 100 people to be cast. Though ita��s only a theoretical spell, ita��s never been executed. But even without it, there are still large possible damages that can be caused by mages that use forbidden magics.

Ita��s stupid to live life by tattering on those kinds of things.

a�?I know, Ia��ll be careful to not receive any big injury… So, did you meet Sedrim denka yet? I assume you came as a deputy commander…a�?

a�?No, I didna��t even know the prince came…9 Still, deputy commander? Does that mean prince Edwin is the general?a�?

a�?Ahh, it seems Fujino-san is well acquainted with Edwin denka?a�?10

a�?Maa, wea��re more on the level11 of acquaintancesa�� Wea��ll probably have an opportunity to meet soon, since it still seems to be quite busy before the war actually starts..a�?

a�?Oto, seems like the captain is calling, then please do your best Fujino-san.a�?

He walked towards another knight while waving his hand.

… I wonder if Takahashi-san can kill people? Unlike me, he is a pure Japanese, I think he might not have gotten used to the ethics of this world. Eh? What about me? I …… Ia��m probably okay. I havena��t killed anyone yet, but I did it on my previous life. For now, I dona��t feel anything. Rather, I am already used to the ethics of this world, I cana��t say which one is better, but I think Ia��m happy to be here.

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  1. In case you forgot, the last batch of chapters was at the end of March, so there should be some 2 weeks of time interval between then and now.
  2. a�?a��a?�a�?a??a�?, I didna��t get any better idea on how to romanize that. And I dona��t remember the name of Sakuraa��s country btwa�� >.> If anyone remembers, I would be happy to know it! >.<
  3. a�?a?�a??a??a?�, probably Sakuraa��s countrya�� Again, I dona��t have a good idea on how to romanize this.
  4. Personal qualm here, while a quick google search (I know very little about Asian history) told me that tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands werena��t unheard of on the middle ages on the East, ita��s definitely unfeasible on Western armies, 10000 people were already considered a humongous army for the medieval Europe. Considering the setting of the novel seems to be closer to Europe than Japana�� It strikes me as really weird.
  5. This pretty much confirms that Sobyuuru is Sakuraa��s country, but I wona��t say it for sure, just in casea�� Better safe than sorry after all.
  6. I forgot most things about him, but I remember him being a summoned hero (by Soutinsu) of sorts, and he was sent after Sakura for one reason or anothera�� I think he also had a few women around him in a harem of sorts, but they were actually there to control him and kill him latera�� Something like it. I think Sakura showed him the truth behind it and then he turned himself in and got a job from the kingdom or somethinga�� Thata��s about as much as I can remember, figured I should put it here in case people completely forgot who he was, took me quite a while to remember myself.
  7. A small thing that is lot on the translations. Since the names of basically everyone are Western, they are always written in Katakana. Sakuraa��s name is also written in Katakana whenever someone else says it, but ita��s on Hiragana or Kanji when she says it herself. On her talk with Takahashi however, both her name and his name is on kanji, independently of who is speakinga�� That is because theya��re both Japanese I guess, so they actually know the meaning behind the names and know the kanji from it. Ita��s just a small thing, but I figured it deserved a note.
  8. Thank you for the reminder author! I just wasted some 10 or so minutes thinking of who was that guy, only for you to remind me of that a few paragraphs later!!! >.< I bet this paragraph only exists to remind the readers of who he isa�� *grumble grumble*
  9. Ia��m not 100% sure if she said that she doesna��t know he came, or if she doesna��t know if he is coming. I think this is the proper translation though. (a�?a?�a??a�?cZ�a�?a?????a?�a?�a��a?�a��cY?a�Sa??a?�a��a?�a?�a?Ya?�a��a��)
  10. He doesna��t say Edwina��s name on this phrase, the term he uses is cZ�a�?a�??�?a?� or Outaishidenkaa�� Basically, a�?his highness, the princea�? in a single worda�� I think it would be really hard to translate this without making it sound confusing, especially if I kept the a�?denkaa�?, so I decided to just put Edwina��s name on it.
  11. She uses the word a�?Levela�? by the waya�� Well, a�?Reberua�? actually, but still, ita��s fun to see some English words from time to timea�� At least it is for me! xD