I’m Back In The Other World? 92 part 1

Dark Theme

So… Let’s go over the good parts first.

This is (probably) the last of the chapters on Sedrim’s point of view! The next one is probably from Sakura’s, because the title is different! Hooray!

Now, for the bad part… The chapter is quite long (no, that’s not good! That means it’s harder for me to translate! >.<), and I was also really hungry (8pm already and I haven’t eaten since lunch… *cwies*) and also tired from a few things, so… This chapter part is ridiculously short! About 1/4 of the chapter! >.<

I miiiiight split this one up in 3 parts, because it has around 2500 words, while the norm for this series is close to 1700-1800, and considering how small this one part was, I may end up doing that for the sake of motivating myself more easily… It will depend mainly on my time and motivation on Monday to be honest.

Well, that’s that, see you all again on Monday! ^^)/

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