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This chapter comes in Sedrim’s Point of View, and changes to Aria’s Point of View later.


Chapter 91 – Misunderstandings 3


The bell of 6 Oa��clock rang, and I realized how much time already passed.

Ia��ve met Sakura 1 hour ago, and our hands have been connected ever since, it was embarrassing at first, but it became natural after a while.

But when I think I need to let go of it, I feel a little disappointed, no, not just a little. However, Sakura cooked for me, and I was really looking forward to it. Buta�� To release this hand…

I think this is a very luxurious trouble. However, I was suffering for real this time, to the point I was happy she didna��t release our hands while still searching for a place for us to eat.

However1, all good things come to an end. She soon found a good place, and asked me to give her the bag I was carrying. While crying inside my heart, I gave her the bag while struggling to not show those feelings.

But when Sakura was about to take the bag, she looked at her hands and shook! Sakura also doesna��t want to let go of our handsa��! My heart is full of joy right now…!

She was embarrassed, but she let go of my hands and took the bag.

I feel lonely with that warmth disappearing, but I can endure it by knowing she was also lonely.

I need to stay composed right now.

I feel happy to know she prepared all that for me, and I watch, in a daze, her setting things up.

She even prepared tea in advance, Ia��m so happy.

a�?Saa, shall we eat?a�?

I came back to my senses after hearing her, only to see that the bentous were all lined up before me.

The colorful Bentou incites my appetite.

a�?As usual, what Sakura makes is delicious… You said this is a sandwich? This meat with vegetables looks very delicious.a�?

As I remembered the name of the dish that I only ate once, a nice reply came back.

a�?Prince likes meat, right? While I may be a bit biased, ita��s quite luxurious to have this kind of picnic lunch. I may not have red sausage, but I have all the classic things for it.a�?

She knows my tastea��! Moreover, she gave me lots of it. I dona��t understand whata��s that about sausage, but everything looks very delicious ….

a�?Mu? Who told you I like meat?a�?

I tried hearing my embarrassment after hearing it. But to think she even knows my taste….

a�?I could notice it just by looking at you, arena��t you always very happy whenever you eat meat?a�?

What!? Then that means Sakura was watching me! To think she watched me so as to prepare according to what I like…

I reflexively replied due to my astonishment.

a�?Is that soa��? You are looking very carefully.a�?

I was happy I could stop my voice from trembling with that.

a�?It is fun to watch it, but your belly is growing, you know?a�?

I reached for a sandwich so as to avoid the topic. Everything seemed delicious…

There was a lot of food, but Sakura was the one that made it. Leaving any is not an option. I ate all. Even if my stomach ached due to being full, I kept on eating, and I continued until there was nothing left. And then, I couldna��t move due to pain..

But I can change this pain to joy. Because this food is filled with Sakuraa��s love for me. To eat it, is to accept all of Sakuraa��s love.

…… So, I want you to forgive me for not being able to move.

She was looking a bit worries, so I told her.

a�?I’ve eaten too much because it was too delicious. Ia��ll get better if I rest a bit.a�?

She was looking relieved, and also amazed, I guess she knew she made too much, and didna��t expect me to eat it al.

You understand, you understand. But I ate it all, I finished it!

But my stomach is really hurting, so leta��s lie down a bit….

The calm wind and warm sunlight feels comfortable….

Everything seems to be blessing us…


Whata��? I feel a bit ticklish….

a�?… Was I…… Sleeping…?a�?

It seems that I fell asleep after eating due to the comfortableness of the warm sunlight.

When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw black eyes looking back at me.

a�?a��a�� Good, morninga��a�?

Lovely, her small lips moved.

a�?…… Aah… For how long was I sleeping? a�?

I looked at her eyes on a half-asleep state.

a�?It hasna��t been too long, about four and a half minutes.a�?

My eyes shook a bita�� It was a surprisingly small amount of time… And why is her face so close?

a�?Is that so? Ia��m sorry for the trouble… By the way, what am I laying at? Ita��s soft and comfortable…a�?

Since the pillow was comfortable, I didna��t raise my head. Ia��m still a bit confused, but things are comfortable enough, so it should be alright… However, I should have slept on the cloth… Did Sakura prepare a pillow for me? Ita��s quite the comfortable one… I wonder if she can give it to me?

Thinking of that, I reached towards the pillow.


A pretty voice rose from her.

What’s wrong…? But it’s a soft pillow… It is warm and soft, but also elastic. I want to touch it forever ….

a�?Oh, Prince…. That, is mine…a�?

…… Sakura’s…?

The moment I heard that, my half-asleep head started spinning.

A face Ia��m looking directly at the eyes, A feeling of something behind my head, the soft feel of human skin, a feeling similar to when I held her hand…

Those things connected within my head.

In other words, what I was touching now is…!

a�?So-sorry! I was still half-asleep… Ia��m truly sorry!a�?

Even if I was half-sleep, I did not behave appropriately.

Rather Sakura lent me her knees as a favor. To stroke like that is…

The feeling of it on my hand came back.

While desperately shaking it off, I hurriedly lowered my head.

a�?N-no… it’s okay… If you liked it, ita��s okay…a�?

Aah, she is so sweet…. Even though it would be okay to hate me for doing this! Yet she still…!

Even if I try to forget, the soft and resilient feel comes back every time. Which makes me shake my head desperately.

Due to that, I couldna��t see her face properly.

At that moment, something caught my eyes.

a�?Ah-ah… Did you put the blanket on… I’m sorry…a�?

I folded the blanket and gave it to her.

a�?Ah, no…… Because the wind is chilly… I thought you could catch a cold…a�?

She told me such a kind thing while receiving it.

She is so gentle, I feel like Ia��m taking advantage of her kindnessa��!

I want to hit myself now that I woke up.

Suddenly I remembered my goal today.

Yes, Sakura might enjoy that!

So, I suggested it.

a�?Do you want to walk a little? There is something I wish to show Sakura. It is quite the unusual thing, but I think Sakura will like it, since ita��s beautiful.a�?

Yes, I wanted to show that sight today.

She nodded immediately.

a�?Yes, I want to see it…a�?

Since ita��s decided, leta��s move immediately.

…… Ia��m definitely not trying to escape the awkward air…



We remembered the important thing while looking at them.

a�?Sa-Sakura-chan’s food…!a�?

Yeah, I was passionate about chasing my Onii-sama, so I didna��t prepare lunch. Of course, we can skip lunch when wea��re busy, so ita��s not something I usually mind much.

But in front of me, is Sakura-chana��s cooking. I know how skilled she is, and the wind is bringing the scent here…! For us who are conscious of our hunger now, this is just torture…!

a�?Hime-sama, please calm down! If you rampage theya��ll notice us!a�?

a�?Let me go! Let me go right now! If ita��s for the sake of eating Sakura-chana��s food, then being noticed is not a problem!a�?

a�?Ia��m hungry…a�?

a�?Oh dear.a�?

a�?Aah! Onii-sama is eating so much by himselfa��! Leave some for me at least!a�?

Before my eyes, Onii-sama is carrying Sakura-chan’s dishes to his mouth one after the other.

Because I am suppressed by Chiffon, I can only move my hands around.

Eh? They didna��t notice this whole rampage? Fufun, thanks to the magic of the girl I brought here, the sound isna��t reaching them. So, they wona��t notice it even if I make a large noise?

a�?Aah! I cana��t see that anymore…! Onii-sama, Ia��ll make you regret this later!a�?

a�?Aria, calm down. You can just ask her to cook for you later, cana��t you?a�?

a�?Now! Now! I want to eat now! Chiffon, let go!a�?

a�?I cana��t! Please help me pin her down!a�?

a�?Looks deliciousa��a�?



After Sakura-chana��s dish disappeared, Onii-sama laid down.

a�?Haa, haa… I showed an unsightly behaviora�� Ia��m okay now.a�?

I feel like I got unnecessarily hungrier because of the rampage ….

a�?Ah- look, Sakura-sama’s and Denkaa��s3 head…a�?

a�?Whata��s that!?a�?

Hurried by Chiffona��s words, I looked towards them and saw Sakura-chan giving a lap pillow to Onii-sama.

a�?Onii-sama! Ia��m so envious! I want to replace you right now!a�?

a�?They are a lovey dovey couple arena��t they?a�?

a�?Sakura-sama, you pretend to be courteous, but youa��re actually with Denka…a�?

a�?Ara ara, youth is certainly changing…a�?

a�?Sakura-sama is going to kiss…!a�?

a�?It cana��t be! Sakura-chana��s cute lips with Onii-sama…!?a�?

a�?Ara ara, tonight me and your majesty will…a�?

a�?Hiii, I saw nothing, I heard nothing!a�?

However our support was in vain and Sakura-chan just stroke Onii-samaa��s hair…

But, when we saw Sakura-chana��s smile, we couldna��t say anything else

a�?Kii-! Sakura-chan’s smile is being directed to Onii-sama…!a�?

a�?Ufufu, Sakura-sama is so lovely…a�?

a�?Ia��ll have to tell your majesty to cancel his plans for tonight….a�?



a�?Shi-! Denka seems to have awakened!a�?

a�?Kyaa-! What do you think of Sakura-chana��s thighs!?a�?

a�?I wonder if the night will come soon…a�?


Kuu- Onii-sama, such an envious position youa��re in…! Ia��ll make you regret that later!



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  1. I swear it is not my fault, the author was the one without creativity and that decided to use a?�a?�a?� on three paragraphs in a row! >.<
  2. I have been putting those “-” without explaining anything, though I might do a footnote on it. Basically, I’m using it whenever the character is finishing a word with “a??”, it’s a character that symbolizes a small pause, and it’s usually represented by double consonant letters (like, Yukkuri would be a��a??a??a�S, while yukuri would be buy clomid online cheap, clomid without prescription. a��a??a�S.), I didn’t have a good way of depicting that small pause, so I used the hiphen at the end of the word.
  3. In case you forgot, Denka basically means a�?Your Highnessa�?, Ia��m not translating it because she calls the prince a�?Prince Denkaa�? when they talk directly, and it would be a mouthful to write that…
  4. The author put this part from Chiffon on Katakanaa�� I think the intent was that it is supposed to be a really quick speech, so you cana��t identify it properly (since ita��s terribly hard to read stuff without kanji), so I put it all together to give a similar feelinga�� I made the initial of each letter on caps on my own though, there is no caps on Japanese in the first place.