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Chapter 87 – Obentou


I heard the bell of 6 oa��clock1, so I decided to have lunch at a nearby open place.

Of course, there are no conveniently placed chairs or tables, so I laid the waterproof cloth on the ground instead. Basically, a picnic seat.

When I tried to get the backpack that the prince was holding, I suddenly noticed I was still holding hands with him.

…… I completely forgot… Were we seen when we walked through the castle and when we entered the garden?

Now I understand the meaning of the gaze from the guard knight. I guess we created quite a bit of misunderstandings.

Fortunately, we didna��t walk through a very movimented part of the castle, and even then, it was quite dark as well…

I took several deep breaths to calm down, and put the picnic cloth on the ground. Though for some reason my hands were feeling a bit lonely now that they had separated.2

We took off our shoes and sat down, then I picked the basket from the backpack and put it on the cloth. Seems like preparing the tea in advance was the best idea after all, preparations were complete after pouring it on a wooden cup.

a�?Saa, shall we eat? a�? I said.

Taking of the lid of the basket, we could now pick the sandwiches and the side dish.

Although ita��s cold, it should be delicious anyway, as it was made by already taking that into account.

a�?As usual, what Sakura makes is delicious… You said this is a sandwich? This meat with vegetables looks very delicious.a�?

a�?Prince likes meat, right? While I may be a bit biased, ita��s quite luxurious to have this kind of picnic lunch. I may not have red sausage, but I have all the classic things for it.a�?

Yes, we have the standard mini hamburger steaks, sausages, fried chicken eggs, meat dumplings, bacon, cheese, ham, potato salad and cauliflower. Ia��m sad that there are no mini tomatoes, but it couldna��t be helped.

Since the basket is a knitted one, ita��s difficult to put something with juice in it.

Since I made this thinking of larger number of people, there might be a bit too mucha�� Ita��s not a problem though, I can just eat the leftover later.

a�?Mu? Who told you I like meat? a�?

a�?I could notice it just by looking at you, arena��t you always very happy whenever you eat meat? a�?

I have been cooking for quite a while now. Sometimes I make fish dishes and he shows a bit of a disappointed face. I think he tries to hide it by saying ita��s delicious, but I can still feel a subtle difference. However, because only meat is no good for health, I still make fish dishes

a�?Is that soa��? You are looking very carefully.a�?

Is it just me, or does your voice sound quite happy?

a�?It is fun to watch it, but your belly is growing, you know?a�?

The prince’s grabbed a sandwich.

It gives a nice feeling to see the food disappearing from the obentou.

Although I ate more than usual, it cana��t even compare to how much the prince ate. I was expecting 5 people, but the prince ate enough for 4 of them, even if a man eats more than a woman, ita��s still amazing… Most of the obentou that I thought as surplus disappeared into the princea��s stomach.

However, the prince seems to have eaten too much, so he looks a bit pained.

a�?I’ve eaten too much because it was too delicious. Ia��ll get better if I rest a bit.a�?

I feel that it wona��t be just a whilea�� Saying that, I cleaned the cloth while the prince lied down.

I was wrapping things up, when I noticed it was strangely quiet.

Looking at the prince, I could see he was sleeping.

Even though today is warm, there is a cold wind blowing, if he sleeps in a place like this, hea��ll get a cold.

I took out the camping blanket from my backpack and put it over the prince.

After putting the blanket on him, I realized that it should be quite tough to sleep on the ground like that, the prince even twitched a little when the blanket covered him.

…… At times like this, I guess a lover would make a lap pillow…?

I remember laying on my moma��s3 lap when I was young. There was nothing to do then, but it was still a lap pillow.

…… How does it feel? If ita��s only for a bit, I think the prince wona��t notice…?

I wonder what triggered the curiosity, perhaps it was the memory of my moma��s gentle face.

I carefully raised the princea��s head so as to not wake him up, and then put it on my lap.

a�?Fufu, it feels nice to do this…a�?

A man older and a lot taller than me sleeping in my lap, it gives a funny feeling.

I feel like the prince became calmer now.

I remained like this for a while, but then I remembered my mom stroking my hair, so I gently stretched my hand towards his.

…… It’s unexpectedly soft…4

I thought his hair would be quite rigid, but ita��s quite comfortable to the touch.

It feels similar to when Eru curls on my lap, but a bit different.

I wonder if mother5 felt like that tooa��?

a�?He is sleeping so comfortably… Should I pull a prank if he doesna��t get up…? a�?

Speaking of pranking someone that is sleeping, isna��t graffiti to the face a classic?

While thinking of such a thing and stroking the princea��s hair, he woke up.

a�?… Was I…… Sleeping…?a�?

The prince slowly murmured that while opening his eyes.

As I looked at his face, our eyes found one another.

My hand that was stroking his hair stopped.

a�?a��a�� Good, morninga��a�?

I was so surprised from him getting up, that only these words came out.

a�?…… Aah… For how long was I sleeping? a�?

The prince stared at me with blurry eyes, still not grasping the situation.

a�?It hasna��t been too long, about four and a half minutes.a�?

I stiffendly answered the question.

a�?Is that so? Ia��m sorry for the trouble… By the way, what am I laying at? Ita��s soft and comfortable…a�?

The princea��s hand casually caressed my foot as if he was exploring.


I was surprised at his sudden action, which made me leak a strange sound. A ticklish sensation rose on my spine.

a�?Oh, Prince…. That, is mine…a�?

Seemingly still half-asleep, the princea��s hand was moving up through my thighs while rubbing itself a bit.

I couldna��t endure it and suddenly raised myself, finally noticing something, the prince got up and looked at me.

a�?So-sorry! I was still half-asleep… Ia��m truly sorry!a�?

He noticed what he was doing and hastily apologized.

I was embarrassed that he stroke my thighs, but I know that the prince was half-asleep, and I also made a lap pillow.

a�?N-no… it’s okay… If you liked it, ita��s okay…a�?

Both of our faces are probably bright red, and I have no idea what I just said.

I was too embarrassed after giving him a lap pillow, so I was kept on looking down.

For a while, we didna��t exchange any words, we just kept on looking down, with the occasional gaze towards the other, which followed another look down when our eyes met.

a�?Ah-ah… Did you put the blanket on… I’m sorry…a�?

The Prince noticed the blanket by his side, and handed it to me after folding.

a�?Ah, no…… Because the wind is chilly… I thought you could catch a cold…a�?

I will reply while putting the blanket on my backpack. I still cana��t raise my face due to embarrassment.

a�?Do you want to walk a little? There is something I wish to show Sakura. It is quite the unusual thing, but I think Sakura will like it, since ita��s beautiful.a�?

I feel like things wona��t change for as long as we stay here, so I jumped at the proposal.

a�?Yes, I want to see it…a�?

I tried to answer clearly, but I became embarrassed when I saw the princea��s face, so I looked down again…


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  1. Soa�� The bell ticked at 5, and it ticks every 2 hours, and is now ticking at 6? a�� >.>
  2. Separated from the princea��s if it isna��t obvious, she doesna��t mention the prince on this sentence in the raws, so I avoided mentioning him as well.
  3. Differently from her usual polite tone, she uses an informal way of referring to her mother. AFAIK, this is actually common behavior in the Japanese language, to use informal words to refer to your family and formal words to refer to the family of the person youa��re speaking toa�� She would still use formal words if speaking directly to her mother though, this kind of speech is more usual when talking to a third party about her familya�� Or in this case, on her internal dialogue.
  4. Another note on Sakuraa��s speech, she usually finishes her phrases with a a�?desunea�? (a?�a?�a?�), which gives a questioning tone to her sentencesa�� A way to translate that would be to finish a lot of her sentences with a�?isna��t it?a�?, but I feel it would just make things troublesome for the reader, so I decided to not show this speech pattern of hersa�� In all honesty, I have been doing it for a while now, but I thought I should make a note about it at some point.
  5. For some reason she referred to her mother politely this time, so I changed it to mother instead of moma�� I dona��t quite know what made the author choose the different way of speaking though.