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I’m Back In The Other World? 86c

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Chapter 86 – Appointment


When I got to the castle, the bell of 5 o’clock had just rang. The meeting was supposed to be here, but I can’t see the prince.

…… Usually, aren’t men the ones that comes early and waits at these situations?

Sorry, were you waiting? No, I just arrived. It’s a classic answer on a date, isn’t it?

…… No, this is not a date in the first place, what was I thinking…? I feel like my brain is pink dyed a little. Is it because it’s spring?1

I wonder if it’s really okay to keep a woman waiting. If he takes too long, shall I complain?

But, how much time is acceptable to keep someone waiting anyway? Everyone has a watch in Japan, and there are many ways to know the time even if you don’t have one. You can also get in touch with a mobile phone and warn the other that you’ll be late. However, in this world there are no watches in general, we know the time by the position of the sun and the bells that rang every two hours.2 In other words, in Japan, making actions based on minutes was normal, but that’s not the case in here. In my previous life, an error of about 30 minutes was still within acceptable range…

I had nothing special to while waiting, so I let my mind wonder on such things, until I saw people coming out of the castle. A person in a hurry was running towards here.

As they got close, I could recognize the outline of the prince.

It’s been about 10 minutes since the bell rang. Maa, in this world it is acceptable enough.

「I’m really sorry, did I keep you waiting?」

He spoke with his breaths cutting in between.

「No, I just arrived as well.」

Eh?3 Isn’t this conversation just like a date?

…… Aah, my brain is doing it again …. It’s definitely because it’s spring.

「Good morning. Thank you for inviting me today.」4

I came to the castle several times, but it’s the first I visit the garden. It is only because of the prince that I can see the garden and the royal family.

Eh? What about my previous life?5 Yes, I did see it once. But I did not have enough time to look carefully at it. Basically, one can’t enter the garden without someone of the royal family. Back then, I was only going after the King who was skipping work.

「Aah… Today you… Came quite different from usual?」 The prince said.

「Because we won’t be making any intense movement today … Does it not suit me?」

I liked this dress’ color quite a bit and bought it …. I know it looks different from usual, so I’m not sure if it looks good, but I do get shocked if I hear if I hear it doesn’t suit me…

「No, that’s not it! It suits you…… Rather, isn’t it quite cute?」

Uh… How long has it been since I was praised by someone of the opposite sex? Rather, isn’t it the first time if I ignore family and acquaintances? I don’t count those because they’ll say anything is cute. I know he is flattering me, but it is still embarrassing.

「Ah, thank you very much… You are also looking pretty good, Quite attractive in fact.」

Since I was praised, I’ll praise him back. The prince is not with his usual rough appearance, he is quite well dressed, and doesn’t really look stiff as well. Since the prince is already good looking, stylish clothes fit him well. Also, because those clothes are tighter than normal, I can see that he is in quite a good shape.

Prince has quite a bit of muscles… Wait! What am I remembering!?

「Uh, ah…… I-is that so?6 Sometimes this kind of clothes are good right…?」

Because they both said they were not used to how the other was looking, they ended up unusually shy, it was quite easy to see they were fairly embarrassed.

「The-there is no point in staying here anymore, should we go to the garden?」

I couldn’t endure the pink air, and I also remembered my original goal here. I don’t know if I was called by the Queen or by Princess Aria, but it would be bad to keep them waiting too much…… I think it can’t be helped that I stuttered a bit ….

「Oh yeah, I will show you around. Please follow me.」

I don’t like letting the prince have more composure than me. Also, he took the heavy backpack I was carrying so casually,

…… Do I need to get back at him again?

I lined up to the prince’s side as he started walking, grasping his hand that wasn’t holding my backpack. Even if there wasn’t a difference in our heights, I’ll still link my arms with him… Isn’t this a common type of revenge?7

Sure enough, the prince was surprised by it, but he looked forward as if it was nothing. But when I looked up at his face, I could see his cheeks turning red.

Fufu, it’s a successful revenge.

I walked with a grin on my face while enduring the silence. However, I was surprised that the hand that I grasped was held with a bit of force by the prince. Not only that, his fingers moved as if they were patting my hand a little.

I felt as if electricity ran through me, I thought of casually letting my hand go, but I was the one to held his in the first place,  I would feel as if I lost if I gave up now, so I held on.

We kept walking side by side.

While the prince’s face was definitely red, I’m sure mine was as well. The hands that connected us made me very embarrassed.

We never looked at each other and we walked towards the garden with little conversation.

…… I didn’t realize that there were three people looking at us.


We passed through the castle and walked for about 20 minutes? We left the castle and arrived in front of the garden.

The knight was guarding several people, but when he saw the prince, we were able to pass without any checking, I guess a knight wouldn’t ask a prince for his business.

As I am with the prince, nothing was said to me either, not that I had anything to say too in the first place. I did feel lots of stares though…. Maa, I was brought to a place exclusive to the royal family, it’s normal for the security to get cautious of it.

I decided to ignore the gaze and enter the garden naturally.

There are many flowers blooming due to being spring. I could even see a few plants that weren’t even from this country. It was then that I realized.

From my previous life, I have knowledge of medicinal herbs, poisonous plants, rare flowers, etc. But I know almost nothing of general flowers and plants. I can see that some are similar to those from Earth, but I can hardly understand what they are.

All I know is that they’re pretty or something like that.

Still seeing lovely flowers blooming is quite a wonderful sight. The fragrance, moisture, and tranquility of various flowers, that you can only experience when surrounded by them makes you quickly lose notion of the passage of time.

I occasionally walked to the prince to ask the name of a flower, but the prince wasn’t really familiar with plants, so he couldn’t answer even 10% of what I asked….

I may look like this, but I’m also a woman. I enjoy being surrounded by flowers, so I’ll forgive the prince.

However, I didn’t see the queen or princess Aria so far. It is natural that the prince was the one to fetch me, as he was the one that invited me, so I can understand them not being there. But, I thought they would be waiting in the garden….

「Prince, are the queen and princess Aria not here?」

I am anxious because the people I thought that would be here are not. The prince didn’t say anything, but once I start worrying, it’s hard for me to bypass the uneasiness.

「… The two of them? They should be somewhere in the castle. What about it?」

The prince answered with a peculiar expression. From the answer, it seems that they are not here.

…… Haa? Then why did the Prince invite me? And what is the meaning of his current expression …?

…… Fumu, at first I thought I was invited by one of them, but it seems like the prince was the one that did it instead? And his expression, does this mean he was just pressured by then?

I guess it’s a reasonable explanation, he is being hard pressed by the two of them.

Eh…? I’m feeling a slight pain on my chest…

「If you need to see them, do you want to go after the two?」

Without thinking deeply on it, I shook my head as the prince’s voice came.

「No, it was nothing I particular … I was just asking.」

I think it’s better to not mention the two of them today. Something along the lines of the capabilities of a Japanese of reading the air?

After that, I slowly looked over the garden until noon.

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  1. I think there should be some cultural reference in here, as to spring being a love-related season or something, and how pink is a color related to love… I didn’t bother researching it because I think the meaning is quite intuitive… Thought I’d put a note in anyway though.
  2.  Personal qualm here… The bell rings every 2 hours, but it rings at 5? That means it won’t ring at dawn, dusk, midday or midnight… I don’t think anyone would work with this kind of system… The author messed up IMHO… >.>
  3.  I usually try to keep those forms of speech as is, but she used “are” (あれ) in this case, which would look as the English word “are”, so I changed it to “Eh” instead.
  4. Not sure if I ever noted it, but Sakura always uses polite speech, even in her internal dialogues, and talking to the prince is no exception… So, while this sentence may seem a bit weird due to the formality, it was quite formal in the original as well.
  5.  I edited it out on the last chapter, but I don’t feel like doing it again, I personally don’t like 4th wall breaks, but it was the author’s choice, so I’ll keep her dialogue with the reader from now on.
  6.  Remember the earlier chapter in which I noted a “soudesuka” which means a “is that so?”? Well, this is the same, though it was just a “souka”, without the “desu” that shows politeness… I decided that there was no reason to force it in even if it was basically the same… I might also use “is that so” instead of “soudesuka” on future chapters, even if it’s a really common thing in Japanese…
  7. I’m weirded out by the sentence too… I have no idea what the right translation for it is, but I’m pretty sure mine is wrong. (わたしは歩き出した王子の横に並ぶと、リュックを持っていないほうの手を握りました。身長差さえここまでなければ、腕を組んでやるのですが…。仕返しとしては定番ですよね?)

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