Chapter 64 Mysterious Tradition

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Chapter 64 Mysterious Tradition a�?Happy New Year and Cultural Exchangea�� (4th Commemoration Chapter)


a�?Well then, now we shall start the sacrificial ceremony to celebrate the new year!a�?


a�?Enough of that already.a�?







a�?Happy new year.a�?


a�?Happy new year, Anri-sama.a�?


a�?….Happy new year.a�?


a�?Happy new year.a�?


I exchanged greetings with Tena, Lily and Leonara in the dining hall.

This would be my first time experiencing a new year in this world.


a�?By the way, what do you guys do to celebrate the new year in this world?a�?


a�?Hmmm.. Well, to start with, we all have osechi together.a�? A�(*food served during the New Year’s Holidays)


a�?Osechi? You have those here?a�?


Suddenly hearing such a nostalgic word from Tena, I kinda got my hopes up.

The food I normally have are good but I do occasionally want to have some Japanese food.

I want to have a boiled taro.


a�?Yes, I have them prepared properly. Wait just a bit.a�?


a�?I will help.a�?


a�?Thank you, Lily.a�?


After Tena went down to the kitchen together with Lily, they soon came back with a few layered boxes.

They put those on the table, opened the lids and lined them up, side by side.

a�?Please dig in.a�?


Inside the box, there were salmons, steaks and many other colorful food, all packed.

Yep, it is great. It is great buta��. It is quite different from the osechi I know.

Isna��t this just packing what was called a�?western fooda�� in the previous world into a box?


a�?Osechi is something the hero of the past had come up with for esteemed new year food.a�?


a�?Ah, so thata��s whya��.a�?


The a�?achievementsa�� buy cardura online cheap, zithromax without prescription. A�of past summoned heroes just like the time with christmas.

They probably werena��t able to explain much more than packing in good food into a multi-tier box.

If they went to all that trouble then they could have introduced Japanese food tooa��


Well, the food is actually quite good so I guess it is okay.


a�?Leta��s dig in.a�?


Yep, these are delicious.


a�?What other things do you do?a�?




a�?Otoshidama. You give special money to the children for the new year.a�? (New yeara��s gift)


Ah, they also have the custom of otoshidama.

I stopped eating and was about to take out some silver coins from the item box to hand over to Tena and Lily but then,


a�?By the way, the custom is to drop it in front of their eyes, not hand it over directly.a�?


The hero who spread these customs, exactly what kind of person were theya��.?

Well, I guess it is fine. I dona��t feel like going too deep with it so I just gave it to them like the custom.


a�?Thank you for everything.a�?


a�?Ah, thank you very much!a�?


a�?Thank you!a�?


I went over in front of them and dropped the coins in front of their eyes.

The coins fell down due to gravity and landed on their hands.



a�?What about me?a�?


a�?Leonara, youa��re not a child anymore.a�?


Leaving that aside, I looked sideways to face Sophia and Amber. The two were peacefully celebrating the new year, not joining in on the conversation.

The two were already drinking by the time I woke up.


a�?Drinking from the morning?a�?


These hopeless humansa�� Ah, they are not actually humans.


a�?Ita��s okay, ita��s the new year after all.a�?


a�?Therea��s a custom of offering sake to the gods in the new year. So ita��s our duty as gods to drink these sake.a�?


Surely, these are sake offered to the gods but to me, it just looks like they are using it as an excuse to drink.

Well, I guess I will put that aside for now.






a�?What is this hand?a�?


Of course, it is for otoshidama.





I should have the right to receive some from these two veterans since I am just a beginner.


a�?You fool, why do we have to give you otoshidama?a�?




a�?I really dona��t think you will be doing something bad by showing your good sides as senpais to your cute kouhai.a�?


a�?Say those things with a little bit more cuteness!a�?


Ouch– my hand was slapped from above.


a�?In the first place, the Gods dona��t really have any money to begin with.a�?


a�?Yea, ita��s only you. Who is a God and is diligently earning money.a�?


Certainly, pure-borns like them would not need any money. They wona��t have a problem without the necessities of life and they dona��t also need to go shopping. It is only natural for them to not have any as they dona��t require any.

In short, they are penniless.


a�?Poor guys.a�?


a�?That kinda makes me angry though, oi.a�?


Well, it doesna��t really matter. I wasna��t really expecting anything from them in the first place so I had nothing to lose.

I will just leave these drunkards alone.


I gave up trying to get otoshidama from them and returned to Tena and the others.


a�?What else do you do?a�?


a�?Umm, new yeara��s card?

You report your recent condition to someone far way.

I also just wrote a report to the demon territory a while ago.a�?


Is that really a new year card?

I kinda feel the nuance to be differenta��


a�?Why send something like that at this timing?a�?


a�?No, well, I dona��t quite know why but it has been like this since long ago.

Only once a year does not feel enough so I do send some periodically though.


Not a�?Sending reports of the new yeara�� but rather a�?Sending reports on the new year.a��, eh?

This, is it not just that the hero who brought the custom of the new year was feeling it was bothersome to write reports so they struggled to make it only once a year?


Well, at the very least, I do not have anyone to write reports to so I guess I will leave it as it is.


a�?And therea��s also the first shrine visit of year.

It doesna��t have to be today but it seems like they call the first visit of the year to the church that.a�?


First shrine visit, eha�� Come to think of it, I also went to the shrine on new yeara��s day and drew a fortune slip.

The result of the slip is a secret.


But, even if you talk of visiting a shrine —–


a�?This is the shrine.a�?


Since I am the God.

Who will I go to?


a�?Ahaha. Ri-right.a�?


When I said that, it looked like Tena also realized it and gave a bitter smile.

But, in the next moment, she wore a serious face and started whispering something into Lilya��s ear.




When I was wondering what they might be talking about, both of them joined their hands before their chests.


a��…Wait, am I being prayed to now?


What do I do? I kinda feel really embarassed.

Incidentally, Leonara had gone to Ambera��s place to pray.

To not let them know of my embarrassment, I patted their heads.


a�?I will be counting on you guys this year too.a�?








By the way, if there is the concept of first visit, is it really okay for us 3 Gods to be here?