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Whata��s Wrong With Liking My Busty Adopted Daughter


Chapter 3: If Your Daughter Might Be a Prostitute, What Will You Do? periactin without prescription, buy lioresal online.


Back to present day.


Sometime in September, I prepared dinner once I came home from school.


Ia��ll reintroduce myself. My name is Zong Jun, Ia��m an eighteen-year-old high school student at City Sa�� Vine High School. I dona��t have any special hobbies, nor any club activities. Because of some unforeseen circumstances, I adopted a fourteen-year-old girl a while ago.


Dinner was a simple fried pork with eggs, and a salad with carrot soup.


I placed the dishes on the table, and heard the gate open outside.


a�?Baiyu, youa��ve come back?a�? I took off my apron as I went to greet the girl walking into the living room.


This is my adopted daughter. Her name is Zong Baiyu, and shea��s fourteen this year. She studies at the joint school, Vine Middle School, at Vine High School.


She has a petite build, and her height only reaches to my chest. Her short hair falls behind her ears, and a braid falls to the left side of her head. Her features are as cute as a baby, but her breasts werena��t modest at all; they can even be described as lavish.


Ia��m not purposefully showing off Baiyu or anything. If some agency discovered Baiyu, who knows if shea��ll become a globally-acclaimed model!


Although I was quite content with Baiyu, she seemed to have entered a state of a�?teenage rebelliona�?, giving me headaches.


Examples would be an earring stud, and a light brown dye on the edges of her hair. Although it wasna��t severe enough to be labeled delinquency, I was still quite worried.


The most frustrating part was:


She didna��t pay me the slightest attention!


a�?How was school?a�?


I asked her with a smile on my face, asking for some updates on her study life. But not only did Baiyu not respond, she walked past without even so much as a glance.


I watched her make her way to the stair in exasperation, and said: a�?Dinnera��s ready.a�?


Baiyu went to the kitchen, took her helping of the dishes, and walked to her room.


So, she listens to what I say, but without a single word of acknowledgement.


Aaahha��. Ia��m such a terrible father.


I sighed, grabbed a can of red tea from the fridge, and drank a big gulp at the table. I mixed the eggs with my rice, and started to eat. My mind was swirling with thoughts.


It wasna��t like this when she came to my housea��.


The Baiyu that first arrived here was quite shy, and wasna��t quite out of the shadow of her parentsa�� death yet. Although she didna��t talk much, she was still friendly to me, and would at least talk to me. I havena��t found the reason for her becoming like this, it was as if she just suddenly stopped communicating with me one day.


Every day, she wona��t speak more than three sentences with me, and wouldna��t eat with me on the same table. This made me make two separate sets of helpings every day, or else she wona��t eat at all. Of course, she never came to watch TV with me in the living room.


Rebellious teens are so frightening!


I never went through that stage before, so I was circumstantially secluded from Baiyu.


But if it was only teenage rebellion, at least I would know what to do. Recently, Ia��ve received some very poor news from her homeroom teacher.


A withdrawn personality and slipping grades are fixable, but the key point was that she would ditch school, especially evening study time *, which she hasna��t been to for a solid week.


*Evening studies, or ?�se�?a?�, is a period of time about 3-5 hours after school ends (depending on school or region) when students finish their homework, eat dinner, ask the teacher questions, etc. Ita��s the exact same as study hall. Students either eat dinner at the cafeteria, or they may go out to eat. But again, this varies on school and region.


Furthermore, when I was cleaning the house, I found some very expensive makeup items in the living room. Although I did give Baiyu some allowance every month, those cosmetics were really pricey, just a small bottle was almost half my monthly income. Other than that, I found a set of clothes in the laundry that Ia��ve never seen before.


The stylea��. I cana��t really explain, it was just those very skimpy, very a�?erotica�? clothes.


She should have washed those herself, but it musta��ve been forgottena��. I couldna��t believe it, Baiyu would always throw her underwear for me to wash, but she washed the mature clothes herself. It looks like she didna��t want me to know, nor did she want to explain.


Because Baiyu didna��t allow me in her room, I didna��t know if she had more of these clothes. I couldna��t just ask her, either.


If you readers would stand at my position as a father and think for a whilea��. Your daughter doesna��t respond when you ask her wherea��s shea��s been all night, suddenly bought very expensive cosmetics with those erotic clothes, and became very rebellious, you too would think of some very horrible possibilities, right?


Ugha��. It was thata��. Thata��.








Ita��s terrible for a father to hold such terrible presumptions against his own daughter, even I wanted to punch myself in the head.


Even though Baiyu was a little rebellious, even though the source of her recent finances is unknown, even though she bought some erotic clothinga��.


Ah, shit, I cana��t even stop myself from thinking that way.


Anxiety rushed up to my brain, and I started to blame myself. Was it because her allowance was too low? But I asked many of my neighbors, and the allowance they give to their children wasna��t even half of what I gave Baiyu.


Just as my dinner went cold from worry and neglect, Baiyu came down the stairs.


She put her plate and bowl in the sink, and slung a purse over her shoulder. It looked like she was going out.


I thought about getting her to sit down and have a peaceful discussion with me, but she already slipped on her shoes and ran to the door in a hurry.


a�?Baiyu, wait.a�?


She turned around, but slammed into me instead. A pair of soft and hefty breasts scraped against my left elbow. Although there wasna��t much strength put into it, Baiyu didna��t have her shoes put on all the way and had to turn around, so she fell down to her left. The white purse in her hands fell to the ground, and its contents spilled across the floor.


All kinds of different cosmetics, and the corner of a black lace skirt peeked out of the purse cornera��.


a�?Ah.a�? Baiyu exclaimed softly, and started to stuff her things back in her bag.


a�?Sorry, sorry.a�? I apologized, and started to help her clean up the mess.


Baiyu slapped my hand away, and got to her feet. She hugged her bag tight, and asked me unhappily: a�?What do you want?a�?


I really needed to know what the hell was in that purse, but right now Baiyu looked like a cat ready to pounce, so I felt that maybe this wasna��t the best time to ask that question.


a�?Then, where are you going tonight?a�?


I tentatively asked, but Baiyu looked at me like I was an idiot.


a�?Ia��m going to school.a�?


Youa��re definitely lying! Your teacher told me that you havena��t been to evening study for a long time!


I was a little angry, but didna��t show it. Instead, I smiled and said: a�?Oh, then be careful on the road.a�?


Baiyu unpleasantly grunted, and hurried out the door. She didna��t even say something like a�?Ia��m going offa�?, and slammed the door shut.


Once she walked out the gate, my face darkened, and I sprinted to my room.


I put on some rarely-worn clothes, a sanitary mask, a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap. Looking at myself in the mirror, I felt that if I went out like this, other people would definitely call the cops on me thinking that I was some stalker.


I took off the sunglasses. It was much better that way.


After changing clothes, I ran out the door. I believe that you already know what Ia��m going to do.


Thata��s right, Ia��m going to follow Baiyu, and see if shea��s doing anything that girls should definitely not do.


If thata��s the case, then shea��ll suffer through the anger of my paternal love!


*The tone is strange when translated to English, but I assure readers that Zong Jun here is not some creep or mentally-ill, he just sees Baiyu as a responsibility and a real daughter. He does not hold any romantic love towards her, please keep in mind. Yes, I know that contradicts the title, but please just read along. Have some faith in this novel.